(Minghui.org) I live a small town near Beijing. When our area was first locked down due to the CCP virus (coronavirus), the other practitioners and I didn't know what to do. The Minghui.org website soon offered beautifully designed pamphlets that tell people how those who have quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) have felt blessed. We downloaded and printed out many materials which we placed on cars, bicycles, and motorcycles in residential areas and subdivisions.

People quickly took our materials—it seemed that they were all eager to learn the truth and save themselves. I seldom saw the pamphlets laying in the street. 

Talking to People during the Pandemic

The lockdown didn't stop us from clarifying the truth face to face. I go out every day and continue helping people to quit the CCP. One day, I noticed two high school students walking behind me. I knew that it must be Master's arrangement, and that I should talk to them. So I greeted them and asked if they'd heard that millions of Chinese people have quit the CCP. It seemed that they knew about Falun Dafa. I told them about quitting the Party, the truth of Dafa, and how to save themselves during the pandemic. They were receptive and agreed to quit the communist Youth League and Young Pioneers. 

When one of them said that his name meant loyalty and compassion, I asked if they wanted to quit the Party with the names “Loyalty” and “Compassion” and they agreed. I told them about China's traditional values, and asked them to remember them. They agreed. I also gave them more materials and told them how to breakthrough the CCP’s Internet censorship. I told them to remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” 

When I saw the two students later they asked for more flyers and booklets for their classmates. They were happy to listen to me and I was happy that they were saved. 

Helping Homeless Farmers

I saw a group of farmers in a park one day in March. I began chatting with them and they said that they came to work in the city. Many businesses had closed during the pandemic so they lost their jobs, but they couldn't go home. One of them told me that they were kicked out of their apartments because they couldn't pay the rent, so they had to sleep in the park. They all looked depressed.

I asked how many of them there were, and they told me there were nearly 30. When I suggested that they ask the local government for help, one said, “No one cares about us. We're homeless now and have nowhere to sleep but this park.” It was cold and they had no food. Looking at their depressed faces, I felt very sad. Every morning people came to the park and sang, “Communist Party, you are our mother.” I felt it was ironic—what mother would let her children starve and sleep outside during the winter?

I told them that more than 350 million Chinese had already quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, because they wished to have bright futures. Some of the farmers immediately agreed to quit the Party. I gave them a copy of the book The Ultimate Goal of Communism, and two hundred yuan (roughly 30 U.S. dollars). 

I brought them some food two days later. They told me that many of them read the book I gave them. They knew that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, and expressed their respect to Dafa. 

Former Party Officials Quit the CCP

I met two 80-some-year old men one day. When I asked if they had heard about the trend of quitting the Party, they said that they were former heads of the CCP branches in two nearby villages. I then pointed out that CCP officials are very corrupt, but in ancient times when people still had traditional values, the officials were trustworthy. They strongly agreed with me. They said that when they were in charge they didn't take any ill-gained money, but their current village heads committed all kinds of wrongdoing. 

I said, “Good is rewarded and evil is punished. One day heaven will eliminate the CCP. Why don't you quit the Party and ensure a bright future for yourselves?” They didn't hesitate and quit the Party. They also happily accepted my truth-clarifying materials. 

True Compassion

One day while I was riding my motorcycle a strong wind began blowing and I was spun around. I was heading north but the wind blew me south. I couldn't control the bike, so I got off. At that moment I noticed a young man parked on the street. I approached him and asked if he'd heard about quitting the Party. He told me to go away. 

I sincerely wish to save people, so I didn't leave. Looking at him and thinking about his future, I felt both mercy and pity. I said, “Young man, I’m 70-years old, yet why do I still come out in such bad weather? I want to make sure that you are safe. Do you know how many people have been killed by the coronavirus? People are facing a big disaster. The CCP has done so many evil things. They also persecute the people who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I'm very worried about those who've aligned themselves with the CCP. They'll be implicated for its crimes and go down with it.” Tears came to my eyes as I spoke. 

Mercy can melt ice. The young man was touched. He patiently listened to me, and agreed to quit the Young Pioneers. He also kept apologizing for his rude attitude. That day, I truly sensed the power of mercy, and gained new understandings of compassion. 

No matter how long and how hard the journey ahead of us is, we have Master and the Fa. As long as we maintain a heart of compassion and we always prioritize others, we'll be able to save more people. I will do my best to walk my remaining path well and go home with Master.