(Minghui.org) My co-workers used to refer to me as a regular at the hospital because of my poor health. After I began to practice Falun Dafa, my health was excellent.

Encounter With a Mini-Van

On the morning of November 9, 2009, returning from another practitioner’s home, I crossed the street on my bicycle. A minivan hit me at a fast speed. I was thrown off my bicycle and landed on the ground, a good 18 feet away. People from the minivan rushed to help me stand up, and said I should go to the hospital. I told them I was fine, and said they could leave.

A few witnesses to the accident said, “You were hit hard, what if you are hurt more than you realize?”

I did not respond, but felt that being a Dafa practitioner I would be fine. My feet and legs were a bit numb, but I could walk my bike home.

I climbed the stairs to my apartment on the sixth floor. I thought I would recover after taking a rest. At lunch time I could not get out of bed. I had to tell my husband about the car accident, and told him he would have to make his own lunch.

My husband was worried and called my younger brother. He came over in the afternoon with his wife, an orthopedic surgeon, to check on me. After a brief exam, she told me that I should go to the hospital for an X-ray.

While we talked, she pressed on my leg. I experienced an energy through my thigh, and felt instant relief. I knew Master had fixed my injury.

That night it was still difficult for me to stand. I decided to do the sitting meditation. When I put my legs in a lotus position, I saw several ghostly figures in front of me. They accused me of not telling people about Falun Dafa when the accident occurred. I felt no fear from their appearance.

I responded: “My mind went blank, you took advantage of that and tried to destroy me. I am not going to let that happen, I am a Dafa practitioner, and I attended Master Li’s lectures in person. Nothing can sway my resolve to cultivate.”

After that I punched at them with my fist. Suddenly the ghosts vanished. I continued with my meditation.

The next day I got up at 3:30 a.m. to meditate. Then, 2 days later, I got out of bed. After 6 days, I could get up and walk around the house, and after 10 days, I went downstairs to do some grocery shopping. With Master’s support, I quickly recovered without any medical intervention.

There are no words to express my sincere gratitude to Master Li.