(Minghui.org) How the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) covered up important information about the coronavirus pandemic has led many Chinese people to further understand just how evil the Party is and how it disregards human life.

Many have also realized that the things that Falun Dafa practitioners have been trying to remind them of for years—such as staying away from the CCP to protect oneself—are very true and sincere. Some people are eager for more information from practitioners and some have also expressed interest in learning Falun Dafa.

“Please Help Me Quit It All”

My husband has a friend who had withdrawn from the Young Pioneers a few years ago. He came to visit us after the quarantine was over. He said, “I would like to have Dafa to protect my family!”

I said, “Then you can advise everyone in your family to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. It only counts if they truly agree.”

He said he would make sure his relatives all knew about this. Then he said, “I am also a CCP member. Please help me quit it all. Falun Dafa is good!” It seems as if this pandemic has convinced him that he needed to quit the CCP completely.

“This Year My Goal Is to Stay Alive”

A business owner from Shenze County, Hebei Province, decided to quit the CCP after he understood the truth. He supported Dafa. Every year, he asked for Minghui calendars. He also installed software to circumvent the Internet blockade to read news from overseas media. He said, “This year my goal is to stay alive. Nothing else is important!”

“Is It Too Late to Practice Falun Dafa?”

I clarified the truth to my nephew multiple times and also gave him Dafa books and materials. He never read them and didn’t seem to be interested.

With the pandemic, I thought maybe I could try a different approach. I sent him a link so he could circumvent the Internet blockade and read the uncensored news himself.

A few days later, my nephew called me and said, “Auntie, I was wrong before. After I clicked on the link you sent me, I was able to read the articles on the Minghui website. I saw all the facts. I understand everything now! I was so wrong before! I want to practice Falun Dafa! Is it too late? Do I still have time?”

I was delighted to hear that and replied, “No, it is never too late to practice Falun Dafa!”

Now, my nephew reads Zhuan Falun every day. He is very diligent in cultivation. He said he had fallen too far behind and he needs to catch up quickly!

Son-in-law’s Dafa Keepsake

When my daughter and son-in-law were dating, my daughter gave him a Dafa keepsake. He believed in Dafa and supported it. He kept the keepsake in his wallet all the time.

Last year, my son-in-law went with a friend to a fortune teller. The person told my son-in-law that he was a lucky man with an amulet. My son-in-law was very surprised that the fortune teller even knew about his keepsake. He believed in Dafa even more.

This year, on the day before their child’s birthday, my son-in-law called me and asked if I had any more keepsakes. When I said I did, he asked, “Could you please tell my father the facts about Dafa and give him an amulet?” “Of course!” I replied.

When we got the birthday party, my son-in-law told his story about the fortune teller and his amulet, which surprised his father, who had quit the CCP in the past. I talked to him about Dafa for more than two hours. His father also read the truth-clarification materials we brought him.

More relatives came the next day. Because we were in their house, I had some reservations and did not talk to too many people about Dafa. Later in the morning, my son-in-law’s aunt came. She said she was having some health issues. My son-in-law’s father immediately said, “Hurry and get an amulet from my in-law!”

It was lunchtime. I went inside with my grandson and clarified the truth to the aunt and her son. Both of them agreed to withdraw from the CCP. After lunch, I also gave my son-in-law’s uncle and grandmother an amulet each. They were all very happy.

On my grandson’s birthday, I helped four people quit the CCP and gave out the five keepsakes I brought with me to exactly five people.