(Minghui.org) As the CCP virus (Wuhan coronavirus) has spread further and further, people around the world are doing everything possible to stop it but still haven't seen any light at the end of the tunnel. 

Master has told us,

“Pandemics and plagues are part of a divine plan and inevitable in the course of history...But a pandemic like the current Chinese Communist Virus (or ‘Wuhan Virus’) comes with a purpose behind it, and it has targets. It is here to weed out members of the Party and those who have sided with it...So now that the divine is starting to eradicate it, all who still stand by it shall perish. Those who doubt this can wait and see.” (“Stay Rational”) (Team Yellow Translation)

As Falun Dafa disciples, we can’t help but wonder if the human race will enter a new era after the Chinese Communist Party is eradicated and if the time for us to return to our origins will come soon after that.

Is This the Final Test?

Master had told us before,

“Dafa disciples, all the way until their last step to Consummation, will be tested as to whether they can make it. There could be very, very critical tests for you all the way until you are just one step away from finishing. That is because every step becomes more and more critical to your cultivation and your tests, especially toward the end.” (“Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles”)

Every person in the world today has to face the choice between good and evil. It is without a doubt a test for Dafa practitioners and probably one of the last tests.

Master has warned us not to be attached to time. Many Dafa practitioners living under the persecution in China or going through difficulties will certainly look forward to the day when the CCP is eradicated. But if the CCP was eliminated tomorrow, so many Chinese people in China and overseas who haven’t learned the truth about Falun Dafa would be eliminated too. So many people have been living under the CCP’s propaganda and haven’t had a chance to make the right choice.

Most people living outside of China have access to free media and should be aware of how the CCP has covered up the virus outbreak. But the CCP has employed an overseas propaganda campaign to manipulate mainstream media in English and other languages, as well as social media. Economic interests have made it hard for people to see the nature of the CCP clearly and make the correct choice.

People everywhere are helpless before the pandemic. This is exactly the perfect opportunity for people to contemplate whether they believe in the divine or the CCP and to decide whether they should cast away the CCP. It’s also a great opportunity for Dafa practitioners to spread the truth and a test of whether Dafa practitioners can do it well.

Though we don’t know if this is the final test, we should treat it as if it were. Countless people will lose their chance to be saved if we don’t do well.

Are We Truly Ready to Return to Our Origin?

Even if we aren’t attached to time, history continues to move forward regardless. If Master arranges for Dafa practitioners to return to our origins and reach consummation at the end of the pandemic, is every one of us truly ready? How many of us would dare to say, “I have truly let go my attachments without any omissions and I haven’t neglected my promise to save sentient beings?” Have we truly understood the criteria for reaching consummation?

Master recently pointed out,

“Any Dafa disciples who have not been diligent, or who are prone to acting in extreme ways, should immediately straighten themselves out, and sincerely study the Fa and work on themselves, for you are at great risk.” (“Stay Rational”) (Team Yellow Translation)

Dafa practitioners who cultivate diligently always look inward, but never claim to be diligent enough. Often, those who are complacent and take cultivation lightly aren’t cultivating diligently.

Every Dafa practitioner will probably have to face a final test to see whether he or she can truly understand the Fa and the criteria to reach consummation at his or her level.

Can Our Truth Clarification Be Truly Effective?

Master told us,

“You are not here to change history, but rather, to save people at this most dangerous time in history, by raising awareness, persuading people to withdraw from China’s three major communist organizations, encouraging people to sincerely say the magic words, and so on. All of these are the best medicine possible, the best way to rescue people—when people’s morals change, things will change for the better.” (“Stay Rational”) (Team Yellow Translation)

More and more Falun Dafa practitioners have started to understand that this could be the last chance to save people. They know they have to engage in truth clarification and do it effectively.

Master has taught us the Dafa principles for cultivation and told us to put our hearts into saving sentient beings. Master has implied that some of our activities and projects haven’t really reached the desired effect and strength and have wasted a lot of time and money. Some practitioners haven’t taken this seriously and figured that they have worked hard and tried their best. They even became irate when others pointed this out to them.

In light of our final opportunity to offer salvation, we ought to put our hearts into it and be truly effective in our truth-clarification. If we can do well and save more people, the pandemic could recede as people’s hearts improve.

Before clarifying the truth to others, we have to understand the truth clearly ourselves and we can’t afford any negligence. We need to measure our behavior against the Fa and correct our shortcomings. Resorting to ordinary people’s criteria to measure current events, or even getting emotional, will only keep us trapped in human notions.

Even though we’ll run into people who won’t listen, we mustn't be disturbed. We are supposed to influence others, not be influenced by ordinary people who have been poisoned by the CCP's propaganda to differing degrees. When we run into people who would like to listen, let’s clarify the truth to them thoroughly. People who are more clearheaded and can accept the truth will help us spread the truth further and amass their own mighty virtue.

Every Falun Dafa practitioner should use their wisdom and blaze their paths as they pass their tests. Let’s learn from our past lessons and do well this time. This opportunity will not come again.