(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1995. Although I endured some hardships, I was able to overcome them with Master Li’s help and protection.

My wife was illegally detained in a forced labor camp for two years, so my elderly parents and my son had no one to care for them during the day. I lost my job and took odd jobs to support the family. Our difficult situation at home and the financial burden drove me deeper into the ordinary world, and I gradually distanced myself from Dafa.

At the end of 2016, I began experiencing severe pain behind my ribs on the left side. It felt like I was being stabbed and I could barely breathe. I had to hold onto the table to stand up. Then it got worse. The pain was extreme when I lay down, so I tried to sleep sitting up.

I vomited clumps of purple-black matter. I knew it did not come from my throat or my esophagus, because every time I vomited, it felt as if a pump was sucking things up out of the deepest part of my abdomen. This went on for more than a month, until I felt I'd reached the limit of my endurance.

My son and daughter-in-law came home during the Chinese New Year. When they saw my condition they took me to the hospital.

The doctor discovered that my left lung was missing. Although the right lung was intact, it was already not functioning well. It turned out that the purple-black matter I'd vomited was my left lung!

Before I was hospitalized, even though I vomited every day and barely slept, I could move around and study the Fa with other practitioners. Their righteous thoughts must have carried me through the ordeal.

As soon as I checked into the hospital, however, there were all kinds of complications. The doctor had to make an incision to draw the infection out of my lung. I went into shock and ended up in the ICU.

I was put on a respirator and had all kinds of tubes coming out of me. The heart and blood pressure monitor indicators stopped around 10 p.m. My son called the medical staff. The doctors said I was no longer breathing and decided not to resuscitate.

My wife put her palms together and asked Master for help: “Dafa practitioners should not leave like this. Please give him another chance.”

One doctor suggested using an electric current to resuscitate me. I started to breathe and had a pulse right after the first shock. The doctors were surprised to see someone who'd stopped breathing for more than ten minutes and had no functioning lung come back to life.

Most of the doctors left after I was resuscitated. My wife asked me if I was conscious. I nodded, even though my mind was blank. I think my reaction strengthened her righteous thoughts.

The director of internal medicine asked my son, “Why is she (referring to my wife) talking to him? He's died twice. His brain cells are already dead. He'll be in a vegetative state even if he survives. There's no way he can comprehend what she's saying.”

I regained complete consciousness a few days later. Constantly bombarded by the doctors, my children signed several agreements for treatment.

Although I was clear-headed, I was “wrapped up” in intravenous tubes and could not move. My hands, arms, and legs were swollen from the infusion of fluids.

By the time I was discharged, my eyes were sunken, and I'd lost a lot of weight. Everyone was surprised by my unexpected recovery. I had no idea what I had gone through. I just thought I'd passed out.

It wasn’t until my family told me what happened at the hospital that I learned how bad off I was. My brother-in-law said that the director of internal medicine said that I was in a vegetative state and would die as soon as they removed the tubes and the respirator.

The doctor suggested that my brother-in-law tell the family about my condition and that it would be futile to keep me at the hospital. So my brother-in-law went ahead and started to prepare for my funeral.

No one thought that I would survive after the respirator was turned off. The day I was discharged, I walked to the barbershop to get a haircut.

After I returned home, I continued to do the Falun Dafa exercises and did not take any medication. I gained 44 pounds in 45 days! I looked radiant, was full of energy, and felt better than ever.

My friends and relatives couldn't believe it! They all saw how sick I'd been in the hospital and thought it was the last time they’d ever see me.

To reassure my relatives, my son and daughter-in-law took me to my hometown to visit them. My nephews exclaimed, “You’re almost 70 and had such a painful experience. But now you look younger than we do!”

My wife explained what happened at the hospital and that I had resumed practicing Falun Dafa after I was discharged. She told them that Master and Dafa gave me a second chance.

My brother-in-law is the other fortunate person in our family. He used to avoid discussions about withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but we kept encouraging him. One day he said he would quit the CCP to get us off his back, and the next day he raised his fist and swore to be loyal to the Party again.

My brother-in-law is a good man, but he didn't really understand just how good Falun Dafa is. After seeing my miraculous recovery, he was stunned. He renounced the Party for good and believes that Dafa is truly amazing.

I deeply sensed Master’s infinite grace after going through this life-and-death experience. Master gave me a second life! I'm so ashamed for not being diligent and not cherishing the precious opportunity to cultivate.

I am fortunate that our compassionate Master did not give up on me. I realize that life is very fragile and it's hard to withstand harsh tribulations.