(Minghui.org) Due to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s brainwashing of people and control of media reports amid the coronavirus pandemic, there is a surge in Chinese people's patriotic sentiment, and many didn’t like the virus being called the “CCP virus.”

The Chinese central television station has been broadcasting tightly controlled news of the pandemic daily at noon and in the evening. Unless people don't watch any TV at all, they are bound to be exposed to the deceptive propaganda.

In some places, it is mandatory for people to watch the news. For example, my workplace has required all employees to watch it, snap a picture or screenshot of the news video, then post it to the company message group as a proof. Although now the requirement is relaxed, people have already formed a habit of watching.

The propaganda targets the patriotic mentality in the Chinese people, who harbor resistance and resentment whenever they hear the terms “CCP virus” or “Wuhan virus.” And soon enough, they would stop listening to what Falun Gong practitioners have to say.

Even some practitioners' family members faithfully believe the CCP propaganda. When they read our materials containing these terms, they immediately become angry and resistant to anything else we want to say.

How should we save people amid the pandemic? In my opinion, people’s patriotic sentiment and sensitivity to the term are actually great ways for us to initiate an in-depth discussion and clarify the truth to them.

In order to customize our truth clarification materials for these Chinese people, we must pay special attention to our tone and have more compassion for them. When we talk to these people, we should seize the opportunity to explain the difference between China and the Chinese Communist Party, and tell them that the CCP does not represent China and the Chinese people do not belong to the CCP.

Nowadays, some Chinese people may condemn and swear at the CCP themselves, but as soon as others criticize the CCP, they would turn around and defend the CCP.

This demonstrates that they have not clearly differentiated themselves from the CCP at heart and have conflated the concepts of China and the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, they take others' criticizing the CCP as criticizing themselves. How ridiculous and dangerous this is!

We should be patient and understanding, and take the opportunity to point out the contradiction in these people's thinking, thereby helping them understand the facts fundamentally.

The stories published on Minghui.org about practitioners talking to people in China via telephone provide some examples for us. I recommend that practitioners read and learn from those articles for further improvement as a whole.