(Minghui.org) When I started to practice Falun Dafa, my mind was very calm when I studied Master Li Hongzhi's teachings. I could read Zhuan Falun and many lectures every day. My state of mind was very pure at the time, and all I wanted to do was to study the Fa more.

After hearing about Master’s suggestion to memorize the Fa, I thought that since Master mentioned it, I should do it. So I had a wish to memorize the Fa.

First Attempt

I had been practicing Dafa for two months when I first started to memorize the Fa. But I gave up after only six pages because my strong human notions kept interfering with me, distracting me, and preventing me from absorbing the Fa – so I stopped.

As a new practitioner, my understanding of the Fa was quite shallow, and I didn’t understand what cultivation practice was really about.

In the two years that followed, I didn’t genuinely cultivate myself. I was reading the Dafa books, but I wasn't really studying them.

My family was in constant conflict, and there was no peace at home. I felt tired and bitter in my heart.

Only after attending a Fa study group did I realize the importance of studying the Fa together with other practitioners.

Second Attempt

In June 2015, I suddenly thought of memorizing the Fa again. By that time I had been attending the group Fa study for five months. I insisted on memorizing two pages every day. My state of mind was much purer than before, and I really didn't think of anything when memorizing the Fa. I felt at peace and took everything lightly.

However, I stopped reciting when I became pregnant. A whole load of human notions began to surface. I didn't study the Fa much and allowed my attachments to grow. I even acted like an everyday person when I encountered tribulations, and didn't look at them as a practitioner should.

I had been looking after my child on my own since he was born, while my husband went to work. I wasn't looking inside when I ran into problems. However, Master did not give up on me. In order to get me back on the path of cultivation, Master arranged a seemingly fierce family tribulation for me to overcome. This made me realize that I should return to the Fa study group and continue my cultivation.

Third and Final Time of Asking

Eight months after giving birth, I asked my husband to look after our child one day a week. His help allowed me to return to the Fa study group.

When I saw all of the practitioners reciting the Fa, I felt that I had wasted too much time and needed to catch up.

I started to memorize the Fa again, and have persisted in doing so ever since. I have memorized the book Zhuan Falun seven times, and am now memorizing the third lecture for the eighth time.

My mind is full of human thoughts when I read the book, but when I memorize the Fa these interfering factors cannot enter my field, as they will be immediately eliminated as soon as they appear. Every word and every sentence of the Fa is in my mind, which makes my dimensional field pure.

Although it takes me longer to memorize the Fa than to read the book, my mind is clean and quiet while I’m doing it.

When reciting, the cells in our mind and the more microcosmic lives are assimilating to the Fa. It’s like what Master taught us regarding the great heavenly circuit, where all energy channels merge into one; so too will all lives assimilate to the Fa.

I also learned how to look inward through memorizing the Fa, and can clearly see the tests that I have to pass. I may not always pass a certain test, but I won’t act like how I used to. Although I was looking inward on the surface, I was actually blaming myself instead of upgrading my xinxing.

Master's Advice Is the Best for Practitioners

Master has always suggested that practitioners try to memorize the Fa. Every time Master asks his disciples to do something, he gives it in the form of advice, not by force.

My understanding is that Master looks at each practitioner’s situation compassionately. Although it is not mandatory, Master always offers the best for practitioners. As long as we follow Master’s requirements, we will make huge improvements.

This is what I have realized at my current level. I am infinitely grateful to Master!

Thank you, Master!