(Minghui.org) I went to a detention center recently with other Falun Dafa practitioners on the day a fellow practitioner was to be released.

We had worked together for five days in a coordinated effort to get the practitioner released. Through the process we came to understand that we needed to remain firm and not acknowledge the persecution or the old forces’ interference.

We gathered outside the detention center, next to the police station, and sent righteous thoughts from morning until afternoon.

We had also contacted practitioners in other areas and asked them to help send righteous thoughts to eliminate any interference and allow the practitioner to be released without any hiccups.

What I Saw in Other Dimensions

While sending righteous thoughts I saw that we had quickly eliminated many gray and black bug-like creatures that surrounded the police station and detention center in other dimensions.

Deformed monsters kept entering from all directions. As soon as one batch was eliminated, another quickly filled the void. I notice that they were rushing out of a black vessel, so I blew it up with a thunderbolt.

Next, I saw evil deities manipulating bad people to do wicked things. The old forces told us not to interfere and said that the deities were collecting their debts.

I told them sternly, “The detained practitioner is assisting Master in Fa-rectification. Persecuting her is committing a sin. Don't get bogged down in seeking revenge. If you don't persecute Dafa and instead support Dafa, Master will resolve everything with the best possible solution!”

The evil deities refused to listen, so I begged Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts so that I could eliminate them.

As I kept cleaning up dimensions and entered more microscopic levels, I faced greater challenges.

When I reached a very deep dimension, I noticed that the detained practitioner had interfered with that place on her descent to earth and caused great damage.

I didn't have the ability to resolve the problems there. But then I saw Master helping that practitioner and quickly resolving all kinds of problems that she had created over there.

I told the other practitioners what I had seen in other dimensions, and we all intensified our righteous thoughts to eliminate the remaining old force entities.

We no longer felt resistance in our efforts in cleaning up the environment by 4:00 p.m.

Walking Out of the Detention Center

Guards from the detention center came out a few minutes after 6:00 p.m., and told us that the detained practitioner would be released after she completed their paperwork.

All practitioners cooperated very well as we continued to send righteous thoughts. Many Buddhas, Taos, and Gods appeared, praising us, and some even bowing to us. I returned their greetings and bowed to them.

Five days after the practitioner was arrested, she was able to walk out of the detention center.

With every improvement we make in cultivation, Master helps us and enriches every realm as we reach it.