(Minghui.org) For a period of time, I would feel very sleepy whenever I read Dafa books, whether I was at group Fa study or home by myself. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to break through this problem.

One night, I had a dream. There were many people walking on a wide road, with me trailing behind. Without warning, a big gate dropped from the sky, about to separate me from the crowd in front of me. I quickly ran underneath the gate just before it touched the ground. I woke up, scared of what I had just seen.

I realized that my current cultivation state puts me in danger. The dream was a hint from Master that I had wasted a lot of time. The old forces wanted to separate me from cultivation. This was the time to cultivate diligently and catch up.

I knelt in front of Master's portrait, crying. I was determined to break through and catch up with the process of Fa Rectification.

Improving Through Memorizing Zhuan Falun

After reading some practitioners' sharings about memorizing Dafa, I decided to do it as well. I felt a shock when I was memorizing the following excerpt:

“What is xinxing? It includes de (a type of matter), tolerance, enlightenment quality, sacrifice, giving up everyday people’s different desires and attachments, being able to suffer hardships, and so on. It encompasses various things. Every aspect of xinxing must be improved for you to make real progress. This is a crucial factor in improving gong potency (gongli).” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun )

Before I started to memorize Zhuan Falun, I did not recognize that xinxing includes “enlightenment quality.”

After I started memorizing Zhuan Falun, I no longer felt sleepy during my Fa study, and I understood more and more. Meanwhile, I learned to look inward and found many of my human attachments. For example, when I went out to clarify the truth, I got scared when a fellow practitioner talked loudly about Dafa; when I did not succeed in advising lots of people to withdraw from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), I would feel defeated; in contrast, when I felt that I had succeeded, I would show off to other practitioners. I even envied fellow practitioners who did better than me in clarifying the truth.

I soon understood that only when studying the Fa well can one truly look inward, eliminate attachments, and save people efficiently.

Taking Care of My Mother-in-law

My mother-in-law has lived with me since I got married. She developed some health problems and often soiled her pants, the bed, and even the floor. I always cleaned up after her without complaint.

On one occasion she was taken to the hospital. Since my sister-in-law did not have great health either, I stayed days and nights with my mother-in-law. Each day, I helped change her bedsheets at least a dozen times.

One day, my sister-in-law came to visit. She noticed that the bedding was wet and blamed me for not changing it. I explained that I had just changed it a moment ago and did not know it had become wet again so soon. My sister-in-law complained angrily that I did not treat my mother-in-law as well as my own mother.

Upon hearing this, a patient in the same room, who had seen me take care of my mother-in-law every day, remarked, “I thought she (pointing at me) was the real daughter of the elderly lady! The elderly lady is lucky to have a daughter-in-law like this. Where are her real son and daughter?”

My sister-in-law went quiet. Even so, I felt wronged. Like the patient had just said, why was she complaining about me when she had not been taking care of her mother? Soon I calmed down, remembering Master's words:

“If we encounter these problems, we should not compete and fight like others. If you do what that person did, aren’t you an ordinary person? Not only should you not compete and fight like him, but also you should not resent that person in your heart. Really, you should not hate that person. If you hate that person, aren’t you upset? You have not followed forbearance. We practice Zhen-Shan-Ren, and you would have even less compassion to speak of.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun )

“Precisely because that person created this conflict for you, there is this opportunity to improve xinxing. If you can make use of it to improve your own xinxing, won’t this xinxing of yours be raised in this way? ” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I no longer felt wronged. I am a Dafa practitioner and should always consider others first. My sister-in-law had a health problem herself, and it was totally natural for her to be concerned for her mother’s wellbeing. I should have understood that quicker.

Once I let it all die down, my sister-in-law apologized and thanked me for taking care of her mother.

Clarifying the Truth and Saving Others

For a long time, I did not know how to effectively clarify the truth face to face. One time, I went out with a fellow practitioner. After seeing her advising two people to quit the CCP, I decided to try it. However, one person after another passed me by and I was unable to bring myself to open my mouth.

I became more and more anxious. I wanted to break through my fear! I saw a middle-aged gentleman standing by himself and approached him. I don't remember exactly what I said to him, but somehow he agreed to withdraw from the CCP. I was so excited! I knew it was Master's encouragement. From that moment on, I no longer had any fear of clarifying the truth face to face.

At the beginning, I was only able to talk to one or two people at a time. I was afraid of speaking to crowds. After seeing fellow practitioners talk to large groups, I promised Master that I would break through this attachment as well.

One day, I saw a group of workers resting on the roadside and asked Master to strengthen me. I approached them to clarify the truth. All eight of them agreed to quit the CCP right away. I had made another breakthrough with Master's help!

Another time, after a cold rain, the road was icy. Walking carefully, I thought to myself, ‘I'm doing pretty well aren’t I? I came out to save people even in such bad weather.’ The moment I thought this, I noticed another practitioner who was in her eighties right in front of me. She was moving extremely slowly, taking very small steps.

“Auntie, you are out in such bad weather!” I exclaimed when I caught up to her.

She replied, “My children tried to stop me from coming out for fear that I might fall. But I promised Master that I would come out every single day to save people. I cannot do anything really high-tech, but talking to people is one thing I can do, and I intend to do it well.”

I was stunned that she said this so naturally, and I saw the difference in mentality between the two of us. In that moment, I promised Master that I would come out to save people every day as well. Gradually, the number of people I helped quit the CCP per day on average increased from a few, to twenty, thirty, and then even more.

Occasionally I would meet people with a bad attitude. One day, I asked a woman in her fifties if she had heard about quitting the CCP to keep safe. She immediately yelled, “Get away from me! I won't listen to what you say!” She repeated the standard lies pushed by the CCP.

I was neither rattled nor disturbed. Instead, my heart filled with compassion towards her. It was so pitiful how she had been deceived by the CCP. I almost wanted to cry. Soon the woman went quiet. I started to tell her of the crimes the CCP had committed and the people the CCP had killed in recent history. I told her that good will be rewarded and evil punished. She understood and apologized, choosing to use her real name to withdraw from the CCP. Another life had been saved. I am so grateful to Dafa's power and mercy!

Another time, I tried to clarify the truth to a middle-aged man. Upon listening to me, he said, “Do you know who I am? I'm a policeman in plainclothes!”

“Policemen are human too, and they deserve to be saved,” I smiled, keeping calm as I said this to him. “You look like a kind person. I feel like we are predestined. We might even have been siblings in a previous life. All I want to do is keep you safe.”

I then explained why it is so important to quit the CCP. He smiled back. “I feel that we are predestined too,” he said, agreeing to withdraw from the CCP.

The Power of Dafa

One time when I went out to clarify the truth, I missed a step and fell down a flight of stairs. I immediately remembered what Master had said:

“We have said that good or bad comes from a person’s initial thought” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun )

I picked myself up. My ankle was twisted but I told myself I was alright. I continued to clarify the truth to people that day.

When I returned home, my foot was swollen and hurt so much I could hardly let it touch the floor. I realized this must be the old force's persecution. I sent righteous thoughts for a long time that evening, looking inward throughout. I thought to myself, “Even if I have attachments, I will correct myself based on Dafa as best I can. I won't allow the old forces to stop me. I have my Master, and I want to go out to save more people.”

The very next morning after studying the Fa, I put on a pair of loose-fitting shoes. Ignoring my aching foot. My only thought was to go out to save people.

Master saw my heart and helped me. Not far from my home, I kept encountering people. In a very short period of time, I helped nineteen people quit the CCP! Meanwhile, my foot hurt less and less and I was soon able to walk normally. All in all, the foot injury had not affected me when it came to saving people. I once again got to witness the power of Dafa firsthand!

I have been practicing Falun Dafa for more than twenty years. With Master's protection, I have made it though many obstacles. No words can express my gratitude for Master's salvation. I will follow Master unwaveringly and fulfill my historic vow!