(Minghui.org) I understood from the Falun Dafa teachings that Master has always watched over and protected practitioners but I never felt it as deeply as I did during this coronavirus pandemic.

People in our area first learned of the CCP Virus (Wuhan coronavirus) the second day of Chinese New Year. Everyone was afraid of getting infected so the festively decorated streets were empty. I was lazy before the New Year and didn't buy any supplies needed for printing truth clarification materials; I planned to buy them later. When the city was quarantined and businesses shut down I regretted my complacency. I knew we needed to take immediate action to save people.

I asked Master to give me more time, but almost all the stores were closed. What should I do? The local Fa study was suspended after the sixth day of the Chinese New Year. It was difficult to go to other practitioners' homes so it was hard to keep in touch. I became anxious.

Purchasing Goods Successfully

I calmed down and contemplated what to do. Then, I remembered one practitioner lives near a road. I could meet her outside if I went to her home. I didn't see her when I arrived but I heard someone speaking loudly. When I looked it was the merchant I usually bought supplies from. He was seeing someone off from his store and I was able to purchase the supplies I urgently needed. He didn't have everything though, and I still needed one more item.

I decided to try my luck at another store. The store owner happened to be standing outside making a phone call when I got there. The store was not allowed to sell goods, so I asked the owner to hand me the items from inside. She asked me to wait down the road and she would drive the goods to me. She entered her store and lowered the shutter so no one could see inside.

When she delivered the goods she said, “The inspector came just after I finished loading your supplies in my car!” I knew Master helped me!

Helping Business Owners

The situation had become more dire the next time I needed to get supplies. I decided to try anyway. The store was closed when I got there, but the owner's husband was standing outside. I told him what I wanted to buy and he phoned his wife to pass the goods from inside. All went smoothly under Master's care. I told the store owner it was good that she kept her business open and I would recommend her place to my friends.

I said, “Don't think that you're doing this to make money. You are helping practitioners save people and you'll be blessed.” She was happy.

When I paid her in 100 yuan bills which were imprinted with messages about Falun Dafa she didn't say anything.

I told her, “The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) blocks the Internet and broadcasts lies to persecute practitioners. Because of this people don't know the truth, so we have to think of many ways to let them know the real situation. If you don't feel comfortable using this money, I'll change it.” She agreed to take it. I had already clarified the truth to her and her husband the first time I went to her store.

Keep in Touching with Fellow Practitioners

It's difficult to maintain contact with other practitioners under these circumstances. I realized, however, that the more critical the situation becomes the more important it is for us not to lose contact. We also need to encourage and help each other. Above all we must avoid taking the path arranged by the old forces.

After another practitioner and I finished handing out materials, I went to an elderly practitioner's home. I waited next to the road. After a while, I saw her looking at me from the balcony. I quickly waved to her. She understood and came out.

Young practitioners can access the Internet. We can also make appointments to meet and talk on the street. Most practitioners in our area have done a good job of distributing materials to raise awareness. We've been able to hand out the same amount of materials that we did before the outbreak.

Because of the lock down there were few people outside; surveillance is everywhere and everyone is terrified. This situation requires not only 100% faith in Master, but also strong righteous thoughts when we distribute the materials.

Handing Out Materials Smoothly with Master’s Protection

On the way to another practitioner's place one morning I noticed several electric bikes parked next to a large supermarket. I headed over and began putting truth clarification materials on them; at the same time I asked Master to help me. The environment felt oppressive.

As I placed a pamphlet into the last bike basket, the environment suddenly felt relaxed and clear. At that moment four young people walked out of the market. I calmly walked back to my bike, got on it and left.

The CCP demanded that businesses re-open in order to reestablish its power. The number of pedestrians on the street began to increase and some stores opened. Local practitioners did not let up on saving people and we kept distributing materials as usual.

A fellow practitioner and I went to another community to hand out materials. While some young men chatted outside a store we placed the materials into each bike basket. They ignored us and kept talking. I realized once again that Master is right beside us, protecting us.

In the past I asked Master for help whenever I was in trouble and I often said, “Master is always with us.” That feeling was not as deep and real as during this time. I'm deeply grateful to Master for his compassionate salvation and protection! I also hope that fellow practitioners will hurry and step out to save more people! Master has extended this time so we can save people and cultivate ourselves. We shouldn't let any attachments ruin the cultivation path we've already walked.