(Minghui.org) The ongoing pandemic of the CCP virus (Wuhan virus) has posed certain challenges to our truth-clarification efforts in New York, especially after local residents were advised to stay home and practice social distancing.

There are fewer people on the streets these days, and it is difficult to talk to them as they are usually keeping distance from each other.

We feel very worried, as we know that we as Dafa practitioners must do the three things well every day: Studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth to save people.

Master told us in his latest article,

“You are not here to change history, but rather, to save people at this most dangerous time in history, by raising awareness, persuading people to withdraw from China’s three major communist organizations, encouraging people to sincerely say the magic words, and so on. All of these are the best medicine possible, the best way to rescue people—when people’s morals change, things will change for the better.” (“Stay Rational”)

After studying Master's new article, we all feel the urgency of saving more people and put forward ideas so that we can do better in truth-clarification with wisdom and save more sentient beings.

We would like to share some of our understandings and experience in the hope that we can all do even better under the new circumstances.

Prior to March 22, there was little change in New York when people could still go out freely. Even though there were fewer people on the streets, more practitioners went to truth-clarification sites to distribute truth-clarification materials. Many people took our booklets and agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Some practitioners also organized truth-clarification vehicles, which attracted a lot of passers-by and achieved a good effect.

There was an owner of a dry cleaning shop, who had always refused to quit the CCP in the past. When a practitioner talked to him again on March 22 and told him how the CCP has covered up the epidemic and that the virus seems to target those with close ties with the CCP, the man agreed to quit it and thanked the practitioner.

After residents were advised to stay home, many practitioners began making phone calls to clarify the truth to people in China.

Ms. Yan is one of them. Once when she was playing the truth-clarification recordings, the man on the other end of the line asked her, “Where are you?”

Ms. Yan replied that where she was didn't matter, but it was very important that he knows how to protect himself amid the pandemic.

She encouraged him to quit the CCP and also told him that he would receive blessings by sincerely reciting the two precious phrases, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

“Okay, I quit.” The man agreed.

On another occasion, when Ms. Yan called a police officer, the officer kept saying “Dafa is good” while listening to the truth-clarification recordings.

“I was so pleased for him, as he had made a good choice for his future,” said Ms. Yan.

One day, Ms. Yan called Baohe Police Station in Baoding, Hebei Province. The officer on the other end listened to all the recordings she played and kept saying “Thank you!”

Practitioner Andy shared two editorials published on The Epoch Times “Where Ties with Communist China Are Close, the Coronavirus Follows” and “Giving the Right Name to the Virus Causing a Worldwide Pandemic” with his colleagues on Facebook. His postings received much appreciation.

Practitioner Melody sent a message to a gentleman with a link to “In Times of Crisis” (a film based on a true story of how a family of six in Wuhan survived the coronavirus infection). He was very grateful and told her that he had read all her postings and that he would try to practice Falun Dafa himself straight away.

Melody has added different groups to her Facebook account, and sends them truth-clarification materials and videos accordingly every day. Many people liked her postings and forwarded articles from The Epoch Times she had posted.

Alice and Melody have also added a group of medical professionals to their accounts and shared an article from The Epoch Times. Alice was very pleased that the posting was much appreciated and forwarded to more people.

Carrier sent an article that exposes the lies of the CCP to a western friend on Twitter. His friend immediately forwarded the article to more friends.

One of Angela’s colleagues told her that she really likes reading The Epoch Times. So Angela told her how to subscribe to the newspaper and promised to give her a copy of the special editorial about the coronavirus.

Jane sent a feature article published on The Epoch Times to her tenant about how the CCP brought harm to the world. The tenant expressed deep gratitude to her after reading the article.

We all feel that since we have to stay home under current circumstances, we should spread the truth by making good use of various social media tools and by making phone calls to people in China. The number of people we contact is not the most important thing, and what matters most is that we clarify the truth with a pure heart and sincerity. We are also thinking of spreading the truth to people by mail to reach out to more people.

We would like to share the following poem by Master with fellow practitioners to encourage each other to do better,

“Make known the truth and get rid of evil spiritsSpread the Nine Commentaries and the evil Party will fadeSave the world’s people with righteous thoughtsExpose the lies and open the locks in people’s heartsWe Don’t believe consciences can’t be brought back”(“To Save the World,” Hong Yin III)