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I was taken to the Harbin Women's Prison in Heilongjiang Province on October 17, 2003, regardless of the fact that I was unable to walk, suffered from a large tumor, and was extremely weak. Lu Qinghua, the head of the Assembly Ward demanded that I crawl into the prison, which I refused to do. They had to hire someone to carry me through the prison gate. Four prisoners then took over.

Suffering in the Assembly Ward

When I was first taken to the Assembly Ward, because I was unable to walk, the two inmates assigned to monitor me had to take me to the restroom. At first, when I squatted down and got up, my legs were extremely painful. This lasted for more than a month.

Practitioners were not allowed to do the exercises in prison. However, with the help of an inmate from my hometown, I was able to practice the exercises at night. Gradually I was able to stand, and could slowly move my legs forward a little bit.

Once I was called to see Wang Xiaoli, the deputy of the ward, in her office, because I refused to respond with the prescribed words. I went there with the help of the inmates. When I told Wang that I refused to do so because I had not committed a crime, she slapped my face more than 20 times. I said to Wang without any grudge, “We Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. It is not good for you to hit me like this.”

A few days later, the head of the ward, Lu Jinghua, called me to her office and also demanded that I respond with the prescribed words. I refused, using the same reason – I was not a criminal. She was furious and punched me in the face. I was beaten to the ground and my nose was bleeding. I was unable to get up for 20 minutes. There was blood on my face, my body, and the ground.

After practitioners asked that the prison authority allow us to do the exercises in the evenings, on December 20, 2005, they were all taken to a confinement cell. I did the mediation exercise (the fifth exercise of Falun Gong) in the cell that evening. The next day, when Wang Xiaoli came to work and asked me what I'd done the previous night, I told her that I did one of the exercises. She ordered a few of inmates, including Xiao Lihua, to drag me to her office.

My hands were cuffed together with one hand over my shoulder and the other one pulled up behind my back. I was cuffed like this for an entire day. The extreme pain caused me to pass out. An inmate surnamed Fu told me that she had to perform CPR on me. Then I was forced to stand still on a brick-size floor space for a long time. When I was allowed to go back to the cell, I was unable to move my legs. I could not squat down to use the toilet. There was a deep bloody cut in my wrist caused by the handcuffs, and I could not see out of my left eye for several days.

June 2006: Suffering in the No. 6 Ward

I was transferred to the No. 6 Ward in June 2006. Inmate Na Lili, a murderess, was assigned to monitor me. In order to force me to give up my belief, she forced me to sit on a small plastic stool after breakfast every morning. I had to sit straight with my back not leaning against the wall. I was not allowed to close my eyes, nor move. If I did not follow orders she would beat me. I was tormented by her like this for four months.

October 2006: Suffering in the No. 1 Ward

I was transferred to the No. 1 Ward in October 2006, where I was forced to sit still on a small plastic stool from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. My bottom became very painful. My stomach hurt. I was not allowed to talk to other practitioners and was even monitored when I had to use the restroom.

Sun Shulian, a murderess in her 60s, beat my arms with a mop handle when I practiced the exercises. But I didn’t give up doing the exercises. The situation lasted for more than one-and-a-half months. I still treated her with kindness since she was deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Finally, she was moved and said, “You didn’t affect anyone in doing the exercises. I beat you but you never hated me. I won’t hit you anymore. You do what you want. I will not interfere any longer.”

Because I refused to wear the prison uniform, I was not allowed to go to the restroom from 5:30 a.m. until 8 a.m. the next day. I had a headache and stomach pain because of not going to the restroom for 16 hours. I passed blood for nearly three months.

Inmate Lu Shanshan, and another four or five inmates stopped me from washing my face one day in July 2012. They grabbed my hair and pushed my face into the basin for two or three minutes. I was suffocating and unable to breathe. After coming back to the cell, Lu Shanshan continued beating and kicking me. The beating lasted for more than 20 minutes.

July 2012: Brainwashing

All Falun Gong practitioners were held in two prison wards for brainwashing in July 2012. I was put into the Assembly Ward for 13 days and deprived of sleep the entire time.

Six inmates including Du Haixia and Jiang Minqing were assigned to monitor me. They broke a leg on one of the four-legged small plastic stools and forced me to sit on it. I would keep falling backward when I sat on the broken stool. Whenever I closed my eyes, they would poke my eyelids with a toothpick. I was so sleepy that I could fall asleep with my eyes open.

When I was of unclear mind due to sleep deprivation, the inmates took my hand and had me sign the so-called guarantee statement. Then, I was allowed to sit on a good four-legged plastic stool. When the inmates told me I'd signed the guarantee statement, I felt great pain in my heart. I said to Shi Gonghui, the head of the prison, that I would remain firm in my faith.

My physical condition worsened. My stomach pain became very serious. The tumor in my stomach was found to be very large. I was taken to the prison hospital in March 2013.

March 2013: Suffering in the Prison Hospital

There were 24 inmates in the prison hospital ward. My bed was right under the surveillance camera. I tried to do the exercises, but four inmates, including the murderess Li Jinlian restrained me tightly and didn’t allow me to do them. The situation lasted for more than a week. One day, Li Jinlian held me to the ground and beat me with her fist. She jabbed her knee into my ribs. My left rib was broken and I lay on the floor unable to move.

Someone suggested that I sue Li Jinlian. Every three years, each inmate could have an opportunity to reduce their prison term. If I sued her, she would not have that chance. Dafa teaches us to treat others with kindness. I didn’t sue her and still treated her kindly. Then she left me alone and said that Falun Gong practitioners were all good people.

May 15, 2017: Released from Prison

I was going to be released after 14 years of detention on May 15, 2017. Under the instruction of Yi Ping, head of the Hospital Ward, inmate Wang Yanhong took me to the clinic to conduct the so-called “internal check.” This internal check requires for one to be naked while being checked to see whether one is hiding something inside the vagina. It was very insulting. I refused to have such an “internal check.” So the inmate doctor Zhang Surong did a B-scan ultrasonography instead.

Then Yi Ping instructed the inmates to dress me in the prison uniform. I refused. I had been refusing to wear the prison uniform during the entire detention, as a protest of the unlawful incarceration. Five or six inmates forcefully put the prison uniform on me. I refused to go. They carried and dragged me out. I kept calling “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good!” They put me down near the No. 2 Prison Gate. I refused to go any farther. When a guard at the No. 2 Gate came out to check, I told her that I would go if I was allowed to take off the prison uniform. I took off the uniform. At the No. 2 Gate, the guard asked me to say the routine prisoner response words, I refused. When she asked my name, I answered her. Finally, I was allowed to leave. My family had waited for nearly three hours outside prison.

Because of trying to be a good person, I was illegally imprisoned for 14 years in a dark CCP prison. My precious middle age years, more than 5,100 days and nights, were spent in prison. From 40 years old to 54 years old, I endured life and death situations and was able to walk out of the demon's den alive. Not only did I suffer physical and mental persecution, I also suffered great financial loss. My family also suffered tremendously as well.

After I was released, I learned that my 80-year-old parents had passed away. My mother kept asking for me before she died, but I was not allowed to see her. What I suffered during the persecution is mind-boggling, and I still shudder today when I think of it.

However, what I have detailed is just the tip of the iceberg of everything the CCP has done to innocent practitioners over the past 20 years.

(The End)