(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) in 1996, three years before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began persecuting the spiritual discipline. 

I was fired from my pre-school teaching job when the persecution first began, simply because I refused to stop practicing Falun Gong. My colleagues all admired me for holding true to myself, my faith, and my beliefs. 

I was later hired—then shortly thereafter fired—from five other schools, due to pressure from the CCP on school administrators. 

Before I left each job, however, everyone I worked with came to know the goodness and beauty of Falun Dafa! 

Whenever an opportunity arises to talk to Chinese people, I tell them, “Please repeat the following two phrases, if you want to receive blessings in this life, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” 

I also advise people to renounce their memberships in the CCP and its affiliated organizations, to ensure a safe future. My neighbors and family members have also benefited from reciting these two phrases.

Neighbor Recovers from a Heart Attack after Reciting the Phrases

One morning, my husband and I drove to see my parents in a remote village. As we were leaving their residence later that afternoon, we noticed a group of people milling around outside of a home. They all looked sad and worried. 

We stopped the car to see if we could help. One villager told us that a woman inside was very sick. 

I entered the home and saw a man helplessly standing by his wife, as she labored to breathe. 

“Do you want me to take her to the county hospital?” I asked. The man said that he had already called the village doctor to inform him of the situation. 

“My wife is still suffering from a heart attack that she had earlier this morning,” he added. “I wouldn't recommend moving her from her bed.”

I leaned into the woman and said, “You've known me for many years, right? Do you trust me?” 

Since she couldn't speak, she simply nodded her head. “Let me help you sit up,” I said. “Begin reciting the words, ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ in your mind.”

A miracle occurred a minute or two after she silently recited the two phrases. “I'm fine now. You can go,” she calmly said. “However, if you don't mind, I'm not going to see you off.” She also told her husband that she was hungry and asked him to prepare something for her to eat.

As my husband and I were walking to our car, I told the neighbors outside what had happened, and asked them to go inside and see for themselves. Everyone present realized that Falun Dafa is truly miraculous!

My Parents and Relatives Benefit from Reciting the Phrases

My mother suffered from a stroke when she was in her 70s, and was unable to walk. After reciting the two phrases, however, she was able to walk again. She is 85 years old now, and enjoys good health. 

When my father was in his 70s, a construction worker threw out a bundle of old linoleum from the fourth floor of a building, which hit my father squarely on the head. My father forgave him and decided not to go to the hospital. He fully recovered at home in one week, and has been healthy ever since. 

My 87-year-old aunt recites the two phrases every day, and has quit the CCP. She no longer needs a housekeeper to take care of her home. 

My 85-year-old aunt continues to receive blessings, after helping a Dafa practitioner whom she knows. Her health is much better than any of her peers. Her son recently offered to hire someone to help her with her daily chores, but she respectfully declined. 

My friends and classmates have also benefited from reciting the phrases. One of my classmate's husband was confined to a bed in a coma-like state. But after reciting the two phrases for some time, he fully recovered!