(Minghui.org) Along with the spread of the CCP virus in China and around the world, many Falun Dafa practitioners who rarely clarified the truth in the past have realized that the Fa-rectification has come to its last stage and time is truly pressing. With this understanding, they have become more diligent and are stepping forward to save people. 

However, there are other practitioners who are still lethargic about their cultivation and tie themselves to things in ordinary human society. Mostly they busy themselves with making money, looking after grandchildren, and playing with their smart phones.

I would like to share some of my thoughts.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts with All Due Seriousness

I’ve noticed that some practitioners who work on farms don’t treat sending forth righteous thoughts seriously. 

Some send righteous thoughts while working in the greenhouse. Some often forget, with the excuse that they are “busy.” And sometimes people talk to them or ask them questions, making it very hard for them to calm down and stay focused.

Opportunities for all Dafa practitioners around the world to send righteous thoughts together are becoming fewer and fewer, and we all should try our best to do it well.

The busy farming season is just around the corner. I understand that farm work is very intensive and tiring, but I hope that fellow practitioners who work in rural areas can take sending righteous thoughts more seriously and do better in this regard.

A Kind Reminder to Elderly Fellow Practitioners

After they retire, many practitioners busy themselves with taking care of their grandchildren. Some have gone out of town to look after their grandchildren for years; some even sold their own homes and moved in with their children to take care of their grandchildren.

If their children don’t cultivate, it might become difficult for them to keep up with their practice and they might lose their cultivation environment or opportunities to attend local group Fa study. As time goes by, they might fall behind in cultivation and miss many precious opportunities to save people.

In the face of the CCP virus epidemic, Dafa practitioners are racing against time to save more people, and these elderly practitioners should also try to find more opportunities to clarify the truth and not be hindered by human sentiment and affection.

Addiction to Smart Phones

Today, one can access all sorts of attractions on a smart phone: videos, news, tv dramas, songs, novels, games, and a variety of reality shows. Many people, including some practitioners, have become addicted to their smart phones.

This is by no means a trivial issue. Such an addiction can weaken one's will to cultivate, change one's physical appearance, sway one's determination, and, most seriously, divert one from Fa study, from doing the exercises, and from sending righteous thoughts.

It lures people into their previous bad habits and attachments that they had rid themselves of in the past, so they keep making mistakes until they finally give up on themselves. They are consumed with guilt, thinking that they have let Master down and are beyond help and that they can no longer cultivate in Dafa. The old forces have thus achieved what they had set out to do—to destroy a practitioner through their addiction to a smart phone.

As Dafa practitioners, we must be clear-headed and see through the tricks of the old forces.

Practitioners who are addicted to playing with their smart phones can ask Master to strengthen them and help them clean out the bad substances in their dimensional fields. It would also help if they intensify sending forth righteous thoughts.

As the problem has been long-standing, it cannot be resolved overnight. One needs to intensify sending forth righteous thoughts by doing it more frequently and for longer periods of time. Only then can one clean out the dirty things so that one can pick oneself up and get back on the right track.

Some practitioners have been rather sluggish in cultivation for a long time, being tied down by all kinds of trivia and attachments in ordinary human society. They often feel helpless and worry about their cultivation, but they may not have a good idea of how to break through such situations.

Master has been kindly waiting for those of us who have not done well in the process of Fa-rectification to catch up, but time is limited and there will be a day when our cultivation comes to an end.

Of course, as Dafa disciples, we are not attached to time, but as things are nearing the final stage, each day is now so precious.

Fellow practitioners, we must have confidence and pluck up our courage. We have been through a great deal of suffering over the years of being persecuted, looked down upon, misunderstood, slandered by gossip and rumors, etc.

Now, at this critical moment when we will soon be returning to our true homes with Master, I sincerely hope that all Dafa practitioners become more diligent in cultivation, make up for lost time, and save more people.

Master is watching us with great expectations and does not want to see any of us left behind.