(Minghui.org) A few days ago, I had a dream. I saw a governmental official hang up a sign that read “Wuhan Pneumonia.” Somebody then warned us that a flood was coming and asked people to fill bags with sand to build a dam. I observed three kinds of people. The first kind stood there watching, motionless; the second kind held half-empty bags, and moved slowly and lazily; the third kind worked hard to fill the bags, and helped each other to build the dam.

I believe it was a hint from Master who was telling us to hurry up and save people–– but practitioners' cultivation statuses are different.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, I've seen three kinds of cultivation statuses among practitioners. The first kind has enlightened from the Fa and cherishes the time to save people; the second kind knows the importance of saving people, but stops after doing only the bare minimum, “It is good enough as long as I've done something.” They don't want to do anything extra. The third kind have stayed at home, and do not know how urgent it is to save people.

Dafa disciples have a mission to save sentient beings. Time is limited. If we don't hurry up, we will have permanent regrets in the future. The pandemic is still going on, and the evil spirits of the communist party are still making up lies and destroying people.

Fellow practitioners, we really should stride forward diligently. We really should go out to save people. Time is short. What are we waiting for? Would we stand there and watch as the old forces destroy sentient beings? Should we not hurry up so that does not happen?

Reading the Fa is of course important, but we need to do each of the Three Things well. We cannot be imprisoned in the cage made of our attachment to comfort, and our pursuits of fame, money, and qing. We should not have the thought that we cannot do anything during the pandemic, and we also should not treat this kind of thought as coming from our main consciousness. We all know that if we only focus on studying the Fa, but do not do all of the Three Things well, we will not improve. If we chronically slack off in our efforts to save people, we will actually be walking the path arranged by the old forces, which will lead to evil enlightenment.

We should coordinate well and try our best to save people. Minghui.org has provided us with all kinds of truth-clarifying materials related to the pandemic, including posters, journals, booklets, and text scripts for phone calls. The goal of providing us with these materials is so that practitioners will hurry up and save people.

While making phone calls to China recently, many people have thanked us for telling them the facts. Many of them cherish what we are telling them, because it brings them hope. People really appreciate receiving these phone calls, booklets, journals, and flyers from practitioners.

Cultivating ourselves well, saving more people, and forming one body—these are things that Master wants. Let us fulfill our oaths and not leave any regrets.

The above is my understanding. Please correct me with compassion if I have said anything not in line with the Fa.