(Minghui.org) We are part of a local Fa-study group in the countryside. For more than 10 years, we have insisted on keeping the form of group Fa-study as well as doing the exercises. All practitioners in our group used their real names to file criminal complaints against Jiang, former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2015, We all thought that along with the rapid progress of the Fa-rectification, we must also do our best to awaken the conscience of more people. Thus, we went to the Farmer's Market, and the Temple Fair to hand out informational Falun Dafa, aka Falun Gong, materials, clarified the truth and we talked to people about quitting the CCP and its youth organizations for years. We never slacked in our efforts and strove to honor our vows.

With the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, the villages and roads were closed. Practitioners were shocked by the sudden change in the area’s situation. We communicated with each other after calming down and felt that practitioners cannot be disturbed by the situation. We would only walk on the cultivation path arranged by Master. We downloaded Minghui's articles about how to protect oneself amidst the plague, pasted them on posters, put them up, and gave out fliers in the surrounding villages, where people were not able to leave their homes.

However, practitioners in my village and neighboring village were illegally arrested, one after another. We, as local practitioners, formed a team to continually send righteous thoughts until the arrested practitioners were released. We once again witnessed Master's compassion and the power of our righteous thoughts.

Resolving the First Arrest

Practitioner Wang Xue (alias) and I went to the neighboring village to look for practitioner Li Bin (alias) just after the Chinese new year. Li Bin’s husband was at home, and he said that Li Bin had gone out. While talking, Li Bin called her husband from a borrowed cell phone, saying that she and another two practitioners were arrested and taken to a local police station. The three of them had gone to a village to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa, but were surrounded by village people whose mind was poisoned by the CCP propaganda, and then they were taken to the local police station.

Li Bin’s husband immediately called that village’s director, his classmate, to inquire about the situation. The director replied that the three of them were arrested by police from the city's police department. Wang Xue and I heard the news and immediately went home. We notified all local practitioners to send righteous thoughts as one body.

We first asked Master to strengthen Li Bin, and the other two practitioners’ righteous thoughts: “Let them believe in Master and the Fa to be released no matter what kind of environment they are facing, and in whatever place they are.”

Secondly, we sent out powerful righteous thoughts directly targeting the involved CCP department and staff: Dafa disciples’ doing the three things during the Fa-rectification period is most righteous. No evil life, bad substances, and the communist spirits were allowed to interfere with and persecute practitioners. Practitioners only spread the facts about Dafa to save people, and then go home. We won’t accept any other arrangements. We kept sending righteous thoughts until noontime, and then went home. Fellow practitioners who did not have time in the afternoon continued to send righteous thoughts.

Li Bin and the other two practitioners also asked Master to strengthen their righteous thoughts and refused to cooperate with the police. When taking the physical examination, their bodies showed a fake illness, and thus the detention center refused to accept them. In the evening, our local practitioners kept sending righteous thoughts. Li Bin’s husband sent a message at 8:00 a.m, saying that the three of them had been released and are at home.

Resolving the Second Arrest 

Practitioners in my village went to the evening group Fa-study, sent the 10:00 p.m. righteous thoughts, and then divided into different groups to go to the neighboring villages to distribute Falun Dafa materials. We couldn’t go out during the daytime. Four practitioners in one group were stopped as soon as they left our village by the night patrol staff from the town government. Among them, practitioner Chen Xin (alias) escaped. The other three were arrested, and taken to the local police station.

It was after 11:00 p.m. when Chen Xin rushed to my home, after having taken a detour, given the blockade of the village. We communicated, found out that the other practitioners were already home, so we didn’t bother them. Chen Xin and I asked Master to save the arrested three practitioners. Then we sat down to send righteous thoughts until 5:00 a.m. At that time, one arrested practitioner’s spouse, also a Dafa practitioner, came to my home and asked me to take care of the Dafa material’s workshop. He and Chen Xin left to go home.

I burned incense, knelt in front of Master’s image, and said, “We didn’t do well, as three practitioners were arrested. It is an abnormal time, and we are helpless. Only Master can save them. There is nothing wrong with practitioners to assist Master to save people. No matter where fellow practitioners are, they are fulfilling their mission. There is the only improvement on our cultivation path, but not persecution.”

I then asked Master and the guardian gods to lay a shield over the top of my house, to protect all Dafa resources, and to eliminate any persecutory intent against practitioners. Next, I focused on sending righteous thoughts for arrested fellow practitioners for an entire morning.

At dawn, other local practitioners were told what was going on. All stopped what they were doing and sent righteous thoughts together with Chen Xin. They asked Master to rescue the three arrested practitioners and strengthen their thoughts. Then they sent strong righteous thoughts, “No matter where practitioners go, they are to save predestined people and then go home. We do not accept any other arrangement for practitioners, and only follow the cultivation path arranged by Master. No evil life, a foreign entity or the communist evil spirit is worthy of persecuting practitioners. We won’t stop sending righteous thoughts until the arrested practitioners were released.

One arrested practitioner among the three was released and came to my home in the afternoon. She told us that the police interrogated them the same night after they were arrested. However, she was released due to her age – being 76 years old. The other two were taken to the city police department.

We then sent righteous thoughts targeting the city police department and detention center: We said that they are not allowed to commit crimes against Dafa. No one is allowed to persecute practitioners. Disintegrate the evil substances and communist spirits behind them. They must understand that no evil life is allowed to block the way of practitioners’ going home when holding righteous thoughts.

Those two arrested practitioners held righteous thoughts and strongly believed in Master and the Fa. They were not moved by the environment. Wherever they were taken, they clarified the truth and even helped one officer at the town police station to quit the CCP. Staff and police from the city police department and domestic security division intended to persecute them.

The two of them asked Master to strengthen their righteous thoughts. They would not cooperate with the demands of these officers. As a result, their blood pressure was too high, according to the hospital's medical examination. The detention center refused to accept them. The local police had no other choice but to bring them back to the police station. At 7:00 p.m., while we were still sending righteous thoughts, they were released and arrived safely at home.