(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa in 1999. I was instantly moved when I saw the words “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” in the book Zhuan Falun. I felt that I needed to follow those principles to become a good person. Not long after, the nationwide persecution of Falun Gong began. My family pressured me to give up my belief, but the words “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” were rooted in my heart. Great, compassionate Master never gave up on me and always protected me. Whenever I did something wrong, there were consequences. Later on when I moved outside China, I saw The Epoch Times newspaper in a Chinese supermarket and my predestined relationship with Dafa was rekindled.

Experiencing Miracles While Practicing the Exercises

I yearned to read Zhuan Falun as well as watch and read Master’s lectures. I would practice the exercises almost twice a day. Though my legs felt really heavy even while sleeping, I persisted in doing the exercises because I really enjoyed them.

Master allowed me to experience various miracles such as seeing Falun spinning all over my body. When I overlapped my hands in front of the lower abdomen, the energy was even stronger. While doing the third exercise, I felt that I was spinning the Falun with my hands. When I was doing the sitting meditation, the Falun rotated in my palms and I felt the energy field taking the form of a pillar. There was a very strong field in between my hands. Sometimes the tip of my tongue would experience energy that opened up all my energy channels. This happened two or three times. It was an experience that I truly enjoyed. I would also feel like something was rotating over my head, making my hair stick up. These miracles and experiences made me want to exercise even more.

Unless there is a Dafa activity or a special circumstance, I never slack off doing the exercises. If I have the time, I meditate twice a day. When the new exercise music was published, I did the second exercise for one hour. I used to be very tired after doing the second exercise for thirty minutes, but now I feel very light and tranquil after doing it for an hour. Sometimes I would feel a strong energy coming into my head, and my whole body would be sweating.

There was a period of time when I slacked off with the exercises in the morning. Master made my back and body feel warm. It would get so hot that I would have to get out of bed. As long as I did the exercises or sent righteous thoughts, my back would slowly regain its normal temperature. Master is encouraging me to be more diligent.

Experiencing Miracles While Sending Righteous Thoughts

I remember when I learned about sending righteous thoughts. As soon as I sat in the full lotus position, I felt a strong energy wave on my forehead pushing me forward. This experience happened to me twice. The energy was so strong that my body was swept off the bed; it felt like I was flying.

I’ve always been sensitive to electricity. Sometimes I feel electricity on whatever I touch. Oftentimes when I sit in full lotus, I get shocked by an electric current. One time when I was sharing with another practitioner, perhaps it was my attachment of zealotry, but I got shocked by the “Control” key on my keyboard. I immediately enlightened to the fact that Master is pointing out my attachment.

There was another time where I had to go out of state to promote Shen Yun. The local coordinator asked me to oversee the times for sending righteous thoughts. Those days, I felt my thoughts were very pure, “Falun Dafa is saving sentient beings, may all predestined people come watch Shen Yun and be saved.” My energy was so strong that when I meditated my whole body was light, feeling as if it was about to levitate. It’s like what Master said,

“During the meditation you might find that your legs disappear and you can’t remember where they are. And you may find that your body, arms, and hands disappear, with only your head left. As you keep meditating, maybe you will find that even your head is gone.” (“Chapter II Illustrations and Explanations of the Exercise Movements,” The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection)

When I send righteous thoughts I feel that my body is enveloped in energy. I wanted to send righteous thoughts in the theater, so I went to two consecutive Shen Yun shows. When I got home, my husband opened the door and said, “You shocked me, you have electricity on you.”

Clarifying the Truth to Save Sentient Beings

I read an article where a practitioner wrote about seeing Falun spreading all over the room. I realized I had the same vision. The Falun spins so fast that I can’t always make out the Taiji symbols and the small 卍 symbols in it. When I look closely, the Falun are arranged like the Big Dipper constellation. However, when there are a lot of Falun, I see them forming into different shapes.

Once when I was marching behind the Tian Guo marching band, I saw the whole sky beaming with light and many rainbow Falun were descending. The banner also had a lot of Falun; each Falun was also beaming in golden light. I saw everything clearly and I was very touched; I know that Master was encouraging me, and that I should save more sentient beings. I have a strong thought of “Eliminate the evil and have more predestined people see the goodness of Dafa so they can be saved!”

As I was writing this article, small Falun were jumping on my computer, spinning and spinning... I know Master is encouraging me to be more diligent!