(Minghui.org) Prisons, detention centers, and brainwashing centers in Wuhan have been actively participating in the persecution since the Chinese communist regime began persecuting Falun Gong 21 years ago.

Wuhan Women’s Prison, where practitioners have been severely tortured, was named a “Model Prison.” Jiang Chun, the prison’s Party secretary, also won several awards and traveled around the country to share her experience in persecuting the practitioners.

Such persecution continued even after the coronavirus epidemic broke out in Wuhan.

Compared to prisons in western countries, which have released inmates during the coronavirus epidemic to prevent the virus from spreading, the Wuhan Women’s Prison has refused to release Falun Gong practitioners, even when their wrongful terms for upholding their faith have ended.

According to information collected by the Minghui.org website, during the past two weeks, Chinese authorities have ordered officers from Guangdong Province Women’s Prison and Fujian Province Women’s Prison to support Wuhan Women’s Prison.

It was reported that the officers working in the prison are all wearing protective gowns and goggles and that their cellphones have been confiscated. It’s possible that the authorities are trying to prevent them from leaking information.

In fact, this isn’t the first time that the Chinese authorities have mobilized officers from other provinces to Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to the Chinese media Beijing Spring, 24 police officers in Hunan Province were sent to Wuhan Women’s Prison on February 23, 2020. 

There were also unknown numbers of officers dispatched from Guangdong Province, Guizhou Province, and Chongqing to work in Wuhan around the same time.

Liu Shui, a Chinese media professional, told Beijing Spring, that the authorities’ transfer of police from other regions to Wuhan is a hint that many Wuhan officers had been infected with the coronavirus and there wasn’t enough staff remaining in the prison.

Another report by The Epoch Times indicated that the first confirmed coronavirus case in Wuhan Women’s Prison was on January 29, but the authorities didn’t report it until 23 days later. 

According to the official data published on February 21, Wuhan Women’s Prison had 230 confirmed coronavirus cases, many of whom could be the prison officers.