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With the guidance of the Fa and Master constantly looking after me, I gradually became more considerate, as well as more mature and confident in my personal cultivation, and truth-clarification efforts, during the past 10 years.

Dissolving My Daughter-In-Law’s Resentment with Compassion 

My daughter-in-law gave birth prematurely, and the baby was admitted to ICU. When I offered my help, my younger son said that they were okay for the time being as my daughter-in-law’s mother was there to help.

Two weeks later, the baby was released from intensive care, and the young couple needed an extra hand to take care of the baby. Although it was during harvesting season I dropped everything and went to help them.

My daughter-in-law, however, was not happy, because I did not come sooner. Her hostile attitude upset me at first, but I decided to let it slide for she was in pain since giving birth. But, my daughter-in-law had so much anger toward me that she nitpicked all the time.

I was actually a certified nanny, I gave up that career because it took too much of my time, and I couldn’t keep up with Fa-study and the exercises. With Master’s hint I re-prioritized, and relinquished my attachment to monetary benefit.

However, my trying to nicely explain that I was trained to take care of a baby really set my daughter-in-law off. She asked how I dared talk back to her and accused me of purposely trying to upset her.

I almost exploded with anger but I didn’t, instead I took a long walk. As I calmed down, I decided that no matter how I was treated, I was not going to say a word. I also noticed that whenever I was upset, the baby would have indigestion or other issues.

After the mother and the baby were discharged from the hospital, I stayed with my son and daughter-in-law for a while to help out, and so did my daughter-in-law’s mother. It was a challenging situation—every tiny little thing posed a test to my xinxing.

Whenever there were leftovers I decided to eat them before the food went bad. When my daughter-in-law saw me finishing the leftovers, she’d fight me over it, and I would just let her have it. But, what boggled my mind was that once she got it she would victoriously throw it in the trash instead of eating it.

It was so hard for me to understand her attitude. I wondered, “Why is she treating me this way? Who does she think I am? She is not treating me as a human. I am available around the clock to take care of her and the baby, but is she treating me as her mother-in-law?” I became bitter and resentful.

When the baby was almost two months old, my daughter-in-law said the baby was hers, she didn’t need my help anymore, and told me to go home. I packed up my things and before I left, she warned me, “If your son found out that I told you to go home and divorced me, it would all be your fault.”

I held back my tears when walking to the bus stop. Absent-minded, I missed a step getting on the bus, but luckily was caught by the person behind me. Triggered by this complete stranger’s small gesture of kindness, I could no longer hold back my tears. I told myself, “Stop crying. You need to endure no matter how sad or upset you are. You are a cultivator. You need to measure up to the standards of the Fa.”

If it were not for the power of the Fa and Master’s words of wisdom, I would have never been able to endure that kind of humiliation. The person I used to be would have gotten straight into a heated fight with my daughter-in-law and stormed out. I realized later that my daughter-in-law helped me get rid of my attachments. I sincerely thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

As time passed, my daughter-in-law’s attitude toward me also changed. She has seen for herself that I always hold myself up to the standard of the Fa, and always consider others first. She now respects me. She even said to me, “No one’s mother-in-law is as nice as you are. I am so lucky!”

I realized that my cultivation environment is a reflection of my cultivation state. When I treat myself as a true cultivator, Master is always with me, watching over, and guiding me. I am truly lucky.

Making and Distributing Truth-Clarification Materials

When my older son and his wife had twins, I stayed with them for a few years to help take care of the kids. I didn’t know any practitioners in that city when I first arrived, and had to make frequent trips back to our small town to get truth-clarification materials. I always bought round trip tickets to save money and was able to bring back a few hundred brochures each time.

After a while, I decided to set up a materials production site. I asked my husband for money to buy a printer. But, since I wasn’t particularly tech-savvy, the printer stopped working after only a few days. I followed the instructions to take it apart to troubleshoot, but couldn’t put it back together. What to do? My only option was to buy another one. I bought a better model this time.

At first, I didn’t know how to use a computer nor a printer so I asked Master for help. Sometimes, when I had no clue what to do, I would by chance hit the right button and opened the exact software that I needed. Master held my hand and taught me little by little how to print truth-clarification materials.

When I first started making truth-clarification materials I only printed as much as I needed. I distributed them in the nearby communities, which all had surveillance cameras. My son told me, “As soon as you open the door, you’re on someone’s monitor.”

I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master for help, “Master, I would not be your disciple if I didn’t clarify the truth. All sentient beings came for the Fa and deserve to know the truth. I can’t guarantee to have a brochure for each person, but at least one for each family.” I asked all righteous beings to help clear all evil in the respective neighborhood I was going to. I never had any issues.

Xinxing Tests at the Fa-Study Group

I finally got in touch with the local practitioners and joined a local Fa-study group. However, the practitioners at my Fa-study group really tested my xinxing. There were nine practitioners in this group before I joined, and they were all from the city. They looked down on me at first, because I was from the countryside, couldn’t double cross my legs, and my understanding of the Fa was superficial.

The coordinator said, “Just because the door [of Dafa cultivation] is open doesn’t mean anybody could get in. I have to be responsible for this Fa-study group and be responsible for other practitioners. You can’t stay.” I told her, “If I found my way here then it’s meant to be. It is Master’s arrangement, and nobody can keep me away.”

Why wouldn’t she accept me? I decided to do a self-introduction at the next Fa-study so the local practitioners could get to know me better. I wrote down what I wanted to say, and made a copy for each practitioner. The next time at Fa-study, the coordinator asked me to read it out loud. When I finished, she agreed to let me stay

But the xinxing tests kept coming. A practitioner complained that after I sat on her cushion at Fa-study it smelled bad, so I brought my own the next time. She was still not happy, “Do you resent me because of what I said? Aren’t you moved by my words?” It didn't matter what I did, I could never be right. I tried not to let it get to me, “No matter what, I am coming to Fa-study. This is Master’s arrangement. Nobody can drive me away.”

When I joined the Fa-study, I naturally started supplying other practitioners in the group with truth-clarification materials. The demand went up, so I worked long hours sometimes, and even skipped meals, but strangely never felt hungry. The practitioners didn’t chip in for the consumables such as paper and ink, but after a while, a few practitioners collected a few hundred yuan among themselves to share the cost.

Six months down the road, the practitioners asked to look at my bookkeeping records. The next time we had Fa-study, I showed the group my record book. One practitioner mentioned that they had never kept records for the previous material site and was amazed that I had written down every single transaction in detail. The group had thought I only knew how to work in the fields. It surprised them that I was so organized and detail-oriented. Since then, the group has truly accepted me.

Expanding Production Site

Now I provide our Fa-study group with 80 to 100 copies of the Minghui Weekly, The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and The Ultimate Goal of Communism booklets each week. It has been very steady for the past six years. Many people think it’s remarkable that I have kept it going for so many years, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. 

I now have seven printers and when it gets busy, I sometimes have all seven running at the same time. I often communicate with these machines, and in turn, they work well for me. They are also beings who have a predestined relationship with me and the Fa.

One of the printers had some problems one time that the technician practitioner couldn’t even fix. As I wondered what to do, I heard the printer whisper to give him some energy. It showed me in my mind what to do. I put my hand on the little hole and the printer started working again.

The technician practitioner came to take a look, “How did this printer get fixed? Nobody was able to fix it.” He studied the small hole and found a tiny little spring in there. He smiled, “A spring was missing and stuck in this tiny little hole. If it weren’t because you and the printer are friends, nobody would have ever found the problem.”

It doesn’t matter what I encounter, I always think of Master first. Master gives me hints, and shows me how to solve the problem, sometimes with a mental picture and sometimes he reveals the Fa to me. This is how I’ve come this far in my cultivation during the past 10 years. Without Master’s guidance, I wouldn’t be able to move even one step.

Holding Righteous Thoughts When Facing Danger

I added truth-clarification bills to my printing routine. With help from other practitioners, several tens of thousands of these bills usually get distributed to small vendors and merchants quickly.

“What a wonderful project!” I ran my seven printers day and night to print truth-clarification messages onto paper money, and didn’t leave time for Fa-study. The old forces exploited this loophole and had my downstairs neighbor report us to the police. The police called my son and asked what we were doing at home that was so noisy all the time.

My son called me and when he came home from work, he told me that the downstairs neighbor reported us to the police. He was so scared that his face was pale. My husband said, “Let’s hide the machines. Take a break from printing the bills.” I said, “It is not a big deal. Don’t panic. It’s nothing. I’ll take care of it tomorrow. Don’t worry.”

The next day, a practitioner came to visit and said we should move the printers somewhere else for a few days. I said, “No. They are my tools for truth-clarification. If I am staying, they are staying.” The practitioner said, “Then I’ll wait for your word. Just let me know, I can come anytime to take them away.” I said, “Nobody touches these machines.”

I sent forth righteous thoughts and examined myself. It was my attachment to doing things that brought this trouble. I asked Master not to punish the person who reported me—it was my fault. I also asked Master to bring the neighbor to me so I could talk to her.

The next day when I went downstairs, I saw that neighbor sitting at the bottom of the stairs. I struck up a conversation with her. She said that regardless of day or night, there was always such loud noise. She wondered what it was. She said she had been to all other homes in our building except for our apartment. I invited her over to take a look. She came in, opened the shoe storage by the door first, then looked around.

My printers were in the kitchen covered with a huge piece of bubble wrap that came with a new mattress. She went into the bedrooms, as I explained to her that we were toward the end of a renovation project, and had saved some of the construction materials just in case. She nodded and said, “What noise is it then? Especially during the night, it is really loud.” She left without finding anything. Master resolved yet another problem for me.

If we strive to meet Master’s requirements in our cultivation, everything goes smoothly. Anything that interferes and prevents us from validating the Fa is bound to be a human notion or an attachment. When we let go of our human notions, the old forces, demons, and the evil communist spirits lose out.

I’ve realized from Master’s Fa that as long as we keep righteous thoughts and righteous action, nobody dares to persecute us. Master will strengthen and protect us. Master is doing everything yet he gives us all the virtue just as long as we do what we are supposed to as disciples.

Clarifying the Truth in Person

Clarifying the truth in person was a difficult one for me to break through, because I was never good with words. Most of the time I just don’t know where to start. But, when I looked inside, I found what really was stopping me was my attachment to fame. I was afraid of losing face, being rejected, and looked down upon.

When I studied Master’s lecture “Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. III, as if my attachment to fame was eliminated, and when I was able to move beyond it, my heart became light and pure and was filled with compassion.

Master saw that I had the wish to save people so he arranged an opportunity for me. A local practitioner soon asked me to team up with her mother, also a practitioner, to distribute Dafa calendars in person – I readily agreed. A lot of Dafa practitioners’ effort and resources went into making these calendars so our plan was to only give them out to people when they agreed to quit the CCP. We only had three days left before the end of the year to distribute them.

The practitioner’s mother and two other local practitioners joined me. The four of us helped almost 60 people quit the Party on the first day. The next day, we covered the entire village and helped more than 100 people quit the Party. We went to the neighboring village on the third day and helped at least 120 more people quit the Party. Our success inspired other local practitioners to go to the surrounding villages to clarify the truth and as a result, many sentient beings were saved.

Falun Dafa is my beacon of light. Dafa taught me how to be a good person, and how to be compassionate toward others. It has completely changed me and my life. Master has given disciples so much, and I can only repay Master by being more and even more diligent.

(The End)