(Minghui.org) I came across an article entitled “S.O.S Letter from Secretary Ye of the Wuchang City Shuiguohu Area Fangyingtai District”. It was written before she contracted the coronavirus. I’d like to remind Falun Dafa practitioners in China of the urgency of clarifying the facts to our community officials. 

Secretary Ye wrote, “I have been with people who were diagnosed with the coronavirus every day, but I didn't wear any protective clothing. Yesterday I helped an elderly man who seemed to have developed the virus go downstairs, and then I took him to the hospital. It truly pains my heart to see so many people in our community who have contracted the virus but haven't received proper treatment.

“Last night an elderly lady, Luo Guilian, passed away at home. Three of her family members also had symptoms of the coronavirus. I reported her situation to my supervisors multiple times, yet they kept shirking their responsibility and tried to bounce it back to me.”

In the letter, Secretary Ye called on leaders to take action, noting that the epidemic was pushing their community staff to the front lines. After being exposed to infected patients, some staff decided to stay at the office out of concern that they’d pass the coronavirus on to their family members.

I'd like to suggest that practitioners phone their local community staff members and thank them for their hard work. They are under great pressure and have been working extremely hard. It's important to remind them that “Falun Dafa is good” and that “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” We should wish them good health and suggest that they renounce their Chinese Communist Party (CCP) memberships.

Today I phoned my local community staff members. They all understood that I was truly concerned about them and were very touched!