(Minghui.org) I think the Wuhan pneumonic epidemic was arranged by the old forces. But, without Master’s permission, it could not have happened. Thus, I will share my understanding of the above mentioned two aspects.

The Epidemic and the Big Elimination Theory

I don’t think it is important whether the epidemic is the big elimination or not. But it is for sure that elimination has begun. The old forces arranged elimination. We don’t know the scale and length of the elimination.

We should ask ourselves: will we regret if the Fa-rectification ends now? Many people who should be saved that have not been saved. Many attachments have not been eliminated.

I sometimes hold the thought, “What should I do if I get infected?”

This indicates that the fundamental issue is believing in Master and the Fa. For many practitioners who have not passed the test of life and death – just as I – we should think whether we can continue to save sentient beings during the present epidemic.

The Outbreak and the Communist Party

The evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was exposed to the public, because of their handling of the Wuhan epidemic. Many people have finally recognized its nature and dare to express their views, which is that they are against the Party.

It will benefit them to be saved, although their views are narrow in scope. The capability of the Party will decline. I think it is a great opportunity for practitioners who have not done well to save more people.