(Minghui.org) Falun Gong Practitioners continued holding activities in front of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on January 25, 2020, the first day of the Chinese New Year. Although the number of Chinese tourists in Taiwan has dropped dramatically due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, practitioners continued raising awareness of the persecution to the public.

Falun Gong practitioners raise awareness of the persecution in China in front of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei on January 25, 2020.

Local Resident: No one with an insincere heart could persevere like you do!

A local female resident, who works as a senior manager at an international financial corporation, warmly greeted the practitioners.

“Wow! Not only do you come here regardless of the weather conditions, you also come on Chinese New Year. You are so earnest. You really do see things through once you decide to do them,” she said.

“No one with an insincere heart could persevere like you do,” she said, and encouraged the practitioners to continue holding their activities.

Tourist from the United States: This is my blessing to you!

Two tourists from the United States felt curious and stopped at the Falun Gong display boards. A practitioner explained Falun Dafa and the persecution in China to them. “This is unbelievable. What can we do for you?” one of them asked. The practitioner asked whether they would like to help spread information about the persecution. “Certainly, that’s for sure,” they replied.

His friend said that freedom of belief should not be deprived, and they expressed hope that practitioners in China would have the freedom to practice their faith soon, “Look what’s written on my T-shirt: Celebrating FREEDOM since 2020! This is my blessing to you!”

They signed the petition and shook hands with the practitioner before they left.

Young People from Texas: We wish you success

Two young people from Texas took flyers from the practitioners and said they had never heard of Falun Dafa. After learning about the ongoing persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China, one of them asked what the United Nations was doing about it, with his voice filled with emotion. “They are not intervening such a huge human rights violation disaster that has been going on for over 20 years? What is this organization of the United Nations actually doing?” he exclaimed.

“We feel so sorry about this!” his companion said. Upon leaving, they repeatedly wished practitioners' success in their efforts to end the persecution.

Middle-aged Intellectual: Falun Dafa is a true faith

A middle-aged intellectual passed by the practitioners' display boards and asked whether any tourists from China had come by. “I know wherever there are tourists from China, there are display boards about Falun Dafa. You hope Chinese people can learn about these facts when they are outside of China,” he said.

“Years ago, I often saw you protest and thought you were political. But after observing you for a long time, I found that you are conscientiously working at various tourist sites,” he said. “For so many years, you haven't done things in grand style, made a show of extravagance, or worked superficially. You truly have a faith and that has changed how I view you. Falun Dafa is a true faith!”