(Minghui.org) Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many areas have adopted methods to keep people from spreading the virus, such as blockading communities and cities, However, there are still opportunities for spreading life-saving messages to people. Fellow practitioners and I often walk the streets to talk to people about Dafa. One person talks, while the other sends righteous thoughts to eliminate any interference from other dimensions.

I often start a conversation with, “Hello! I would like to talk about the current plague and how to avoid it.” This catches the listener's attention instantly, because this is a major event and is related to his or her safety. I generally next mention the two ancient Chinese predictions, telling the listener that the epidemic had already been predicted hundreds of years ago.

Four People Who Work in My Community Quit the CCP

I tell people that fortunately there is a way to escape the calamity, which is by denouncing the vows one has made to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and/or its affiliated youth organizations. In addition, reciting “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” can be a life-saver. I next introduce the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and tell people the facts about the Tiananmen Self-immolation hoax. Most people can accept the truth and thank me. 

I went on a trip before the Chinese New Year and stopped in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province for half an hour. Because of this, I was put on the watch list in my local area. One day, when I went out, one of the guards recognized me and asked me if I had been quarantined. I simply said that I was quarantined, and I was out of the observation period. I then started to talk to him about Dafa.

After listening, he said, “So that's what happened! I would like to quit. I will remember that Dafa is good. Thank you!” I asked him to share the message with his family members and friends and he said that he would.

Another guard was busy taking passing-by residents' temperature. When I returned, I asked him to quit the CCP. He agreed and showed me his mobile phone, saying that he was reading one of the ancient Chinese calamity-predicting articles. I also told him to talk to his relatives and friends about Falun Dafa.

When I went out again, there were two new guards. Another practitioner and I entered the temporary duty room, put some of the fruits we'd just bought on the table, and asked them to quit the CCP after telling them the facts. They agreed to quit the Party and thanked us for the fruit. I told them to spread the news to the people around them.

An elderly person who works in my community real estate office stopped at my home. I gave him a high-quality face mask – because local people couldn't buy face masks in our area. He was very moved and agreed to quit the Party after listening to me. I told him to spread the truth to the people he knows.

In order to do better with our truth clarification, fellow practitioners and I are studying the Fa more and sending righteous thoughts to clear up any interference.

Clarifying the Truth in Villages Is Possible

Recently, I found that although our local stores are not allowed to open, some of them are only partially closed, and are operating secretly. I make a point to enter these stores, buy small items, and then talk about Dafa.

In some rural areas, there are usually guards to the south and north of the main road to prevent entrance to the village. But, there are still some small intersections where only a car or a mound of soil blocks the entry, which allows a person to get into the village to hand out materials and spread the life-saving message about Dafa.

In short, as long as we have the compassion for saving people, Master will arrange for those with predestined relationships to come to us.