(Minghui.org) While most people are closely watching the development of the coronavirus outbreak in China, it is worth noting that three cases of Black Death were confirmed in Beijing in November 2019. 

The “Black Death” news was widely reported by the western media. One example is an NPR article published on November 15, 2019 titled “China Reports 3 Cases Of The Most Dangerous Type Of Plague.” According to the latest updated version of the article, a married couple were both diagnosed with the disease on November 12, and a third case was confirmed on November 16.

As the plague is also a form of contagious bacterial disease that can cause death, one may use preventive measures to protect oneself from the infection.

Around the 14th century, the plague killed nearly one third of the population in Europe, around 50 million people. 

Despite the invention of antibiotics and the advancement of modern medicines, the plague has made several comebacks. The most recent outbreak was in Madagascar in 2017, with 2,348 infected and 202 dead.

“Black Death” has three different forms. Bubonic plague is usually spread by fleas and other insects. Symptoms include swollen lymph nodes and fever. Untreated bubonic plague can also progress into pneumonic plague.

Pneumonic plague can spread in aerosol form or face-to-face contact. It causes severe lung infections. 

Septicemic plague, on the other hand, can spread rapidly throughout the blood and cause life-threatening condition.