(Minghui.org) The coronavirus epidemic has quickly spread throughout China, endangering people's lives. Wuhan city was closed down, followed by Hubei province. The entrances to many roads, streets, and villages have been blocked. People's movements are restricted within their own communities. Everyone is required to wear a mask when they have to go out. A blockade was set up in our local area which has interfered with our efforts to save sentient beings. By working together, however, we've managed to continue clarifying the truth.

With help from other practitioners, local practitioners managed to obtain 50 copies of truth-clarification flyers. Ms. Liu came to me and suggested that we clarify the truth from the angle of the epidemic so that people could be saved, “Wouldn't it be better if we printed brochures about the coronavirus and then put the flyers inside?” I gladly accepted her idea. 

As per her suggestion, I downloaded the latest Minghui Journal The Truth from the Minghui website, including the article entitled, “Coronavirus Epidemic Very Critical, People Please Wake Up and Save Yourself.”

I ran out of paper after printing more than 20 copies. I immediately contacted the other practitioners to help find more paper. Our local coordinator managed to get through the roadblocks and get the paper delivered to me. I was very touched. 

After I finished putting together the materials, I delivered them to the other practitioners so they could hand them out. 

Ms. Cai, who is 86 years old, helped an entire family of villagers and their relatives withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) when they came to town for a visit. She went to see them when she received the materials from me. They were about to return home, and they gladly accepted the materials. 

Our local practitioners are working as one body to save sentient beings in the current epidemic situation, and we've been able to overcome many difficulties. We are doing our best to use this epidemic to save even more people, even though it may seem like an obstacle.