(Minghui.org) I'd like to remind fellow practitioners (especially those in Hong Kong and Macao) who use an iPhone or MacBook to pay attention to the following security issues:

1. Do NOT register your account (Apple ID) using an address in China (including Hong Kong and Macao)

2. If you would like to set your language to Chinese, please select “Traditional Chinese (Taiwan),” not “Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)” or “Traditional Chinese.”

Recently, I learned from an Apple employee that if users set their language to “Simplified Chinese,” Apple indeed uploads some of their information (like contacts, iCloud storage, etc.) to servers owned by a Chinese company located in Guizhou Province.

Furthermore, when any user registers an account using an address in China, their information will also be sent to the servers in China.

The Minghui notice “What All Falun Dafa Disciples Must Know” published on July 30, 2018, clearly spelled out some security issues surrounding Apple iCloud.

I'd like to remind fellow practitioners in Hong Kong and Macao that if you are using Apple products, please immediately check and update your Apple ID.

With the new Hong Kong National Security Law enacted last year, it is highly possible for the Chinese Communist Party to request user information from both Apple and Samsung, so we have to be extra careful in this regard.