(Minghui.org) Saving sentient beings is the path arranged by Master for every Dafa disciple. It's the path we walk towards divinity. Every time, before I go out to clarify the facts and help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), we would always burn incense before Master’s portrait. We ask for Master’s help to save people with predestined relationships. 

I’d like to share my experiences on how I've seized the day to save sentient beings during the pandemic. 

Delivering the Truth to My Relatives 

On January 27, two days after the Chinese New Year, my son asked if we were still going to his uncle's house. 

“Yes we are,” I replied. “Your uncle is looking for a DVD player.” 

Then I took it with me and we headed out. 

After arriving at my brother’s place, I spoke with my brother. 

“I have brought you a DVD player. Please check out this truth-clarification DVD. After you go over it a few times, you’ll understand a lot of things that you didn’t know before,” I said. 

He smiled and said, “Sure! Sure!” 

Then I went to visit my sister and niece. After I clarified the truth to them, I helped them quit the CCP. 

The Whole Township Covered in Truth-Clarification Stickers

A fellow practitioner came to my home on February 5. She brought a large stack of truth-clarification stickers with her; there were over 100 of them. It took me the whole day to get them organized. The stickers read “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” – an effective way to help save people. 

During the daytime, there were people guarding the road, so we had to go out at night to put them up. On February 6, seven of us, including a practitioner’s two sons, set out at 8 p.m. When we came to a village, five of us stopped there. The other two went to deliver materials to the fellow practitioners who lived in those remote villages. 

Two of us worked as a team: one would put up the stickers while the other one sent forth righteous thoughts. Soon enough, we covered the entire village. After that, we continued and finished another few villages. 

When we came upon a small village, there were a few households on the north side and another few on the south side. As soon as we entered into the village, dogs started barking. We went to the south side and saw a big electric pole. I heard someone in front of us talking on his cell phone, but we still decided to put up the stickers. We headed back right away after we were finished. And we met the other three practitioners at an intersection. 

But it turned out that the person talking on his cell phone had followed us. I asked everyone to send forth righteous thoughts. I also asked for Master’s help to strengthen our righteous thoughts to completely dismantle all the evil factors from our own fields, as well as the person's field. Soon enough, the person went away. 

Because of the cold weather, we had to use tape to wrap the stickers up twice in order to have them stay up longer. We finished nine villages in one night. Though our fingers were terribly frozen, we felt very cozy and warm deep down. 

When we thought about the sentient beings that could be saved, we felt very relieved. Despite some interference, with our righteous thoughts, we managed to cover all the villages in our township in only a few days. 

Awakening People's Conscience 

The outbreak of the pandemic was no accident. It has provided a good opportunity for us wake people up and help them quit the CCP. Studying the Fa well is the key. 

Only by studying the Fa effectively can we make use of our mighty power to achieve optimal results in truth-clarification. Only by studying the Fa well can we have fewer attachments. 

Every day at 10 a.m., I visited my neighbors to clarify the truth and help them quit the CCP. I've achieved good results. 

One household was very close to my home. They invited me to come in. I gave them truth-clarification amulets and some truth-clarification materials. 

I told the family, “After you finish reading, I need to take the materials back and give it to someone else to have a read, since this is the only copy I have.” 

Then, the owner of the house took out his cell phone and began to take pictures, page by page. After he finished, he said to me, “See, this saves you from having to come back for it it. I can access it as soon as I turn on my cell.” Then he began to read it. 

I then asked, “Have you joined the CCP and its affiliated organizations?” 

“Yes, I am a member of the Communist Youth League,” he replied. 

“Have you heard about quitting the CCP?” 


“As soon as someone joins the CCP,” I told him, “they have the mark of the beast printed on their forehead. When disaster strikes, those with the beast's mark will be the first to go.

“But when you quit the CCP, the heavens will wipe that mark away and you'll be safe. This is different from going to the CCP to declare your withdrawal. It's also confidential, and nobody else will know about it other than you, me, and the gods above. How about it? Will you quit?”

“Yes, I will,” he said. 

“As long as you remember you said that, you're all set,” I said. 

We visited everyone in our entire village in 20 days. The truth-clarification content includes truth-clarification special editions, pandemic journals, famous prophecies, Minghui Weekly and other materialsOver 20 people renounced their memberships from the CCP during this time. With Master giving me wisdom and empowering my righteous thoughts, the process went smoothly. 

I will treasure every moment, make the most of my time for Fa-study and cultivate myself well. I will treasure the path Master has arranged for me and walk the final leg so that I have no regrets.