(Minghui.org) The editorial team that produced the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party first published How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World in 2018. The book was also published by Minghui.org in April 2020. I feel it is important, even necessary, for practitioners to take a good look at the book. 

The Devil's Two Overwhelmingly Degenerating Currents Meet in Today's China

Since Marx appeared on the stage of human history, the evil specter of communism has been divided into two forces: one uses violence to achieve its goal, with Lenin launching the October Revolution in Russia, destroying tradition with violence, and ruling the communist countries with violence; the other force is that of the so-called progressives, which subvert traditional belief and morality and cause human beings to degenerate through seemingly peaceful actions. Through gradual penetration into politics, culture, literature, art, education, media, and mass entertainment, the progressive agenda turns Western capitalist states into socialist and eventually communist countries.

On the surface, the “reform and opening up” of China, led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was to learn and benefit from Western science, technology and culture. But in reality, the evil specter of communism has covert and sinister purposes with the opening-up of China. While the CCP is still using violence to rule the country, it also introduced degenerated aspects of Western culture to further poison the Chinese people and accelerate the deprivation of the Chinese people, many of whom have no faith or moral scruples.

The CCP violently suppresses all traditional, righteous belief, especially through its genocidal persecution of Falun Dafa, while at the same time tempting the Chinese people to surrender to its dazzling array of corrupted notions and lifestyles. Compared to the corruption of the CCP officials, the depraved notions and dissipated lifestyles of many common people are even more alarming and detrimental, as it causes direct obstacles for Dafa to save them.

Intellectuals and College Students Harmed the Most

During the CCP’s reform and opening up, in 1979, then CCP leader Deng Xiaoping introduced four cardinal principles: the principle of upholding the socialist path, the principle of upholding democratic dictatorship (initially called Dictatorship of the Proletariat), the principle of following Mao Zedong’s thought and Marxism–Leninism, and the principle of upholding the CCP's leadership. These principles effectively blocked any of the good things of the West from entering China. 

Rather, the reform resulted in all kinds of deviated modern ideologies pouring into China, including variants of individualism, liberalism, capricious rebellion, anarchism, modern Marxism, Freudianism, existentialism, scientism, pragmatism, modernist literature and art, and lavish lifestyles. 

Chinese intellectuals were the first to learn about these ideologies, and it is they who promoted them on university campuses.

As a result of the CCP's destruction and stigmatization of traditional culture, many young college students have developed the misconception that there is nothing good in Chinese history, which is only presented as the so-called “Eastern authoritarian and feudal culture.” To them, anything from the West had to be better than the “old-fashioned” Chinese trappings. 

I have noticed that many Dafa disciples have also been influenced by such ideologies to varying degrees.

Dafa Disciples Need to Further Purge the Remnants of the Communist Specter

As Dafa disciples, we are the clear stream in a turbid world, but we too have been polluted to varying degrees by communist ideologies.

Master taught us:

“This is the reason on the individual’s part as to why he is unable to achieve tranquility, as he cannot meet a practitioner’s standard. In terms of external factors, there is presently a situation that seriously interferes with your cultivation toward high levels, and it seriously affects practitioners. You know that with the reforms and openness, the economy has become flexible and policies are also less restrictive. Many new technologies have been introduced, and people’s living standards have improved. All everyday people think that it is a good thing. But things should be looked at dialectically, in both ways. With the reforms and openness, different forms of bad things have also been imported. If a piece of literary work is not written with some sexual content, the book seems unable to sell since the issue of sales quantity is involved. If movies and television programs do not show footage of bedroom scenes, in terms of audience ratings no one seems to watch them. As for artwork, nobody can tell whether it is genuine art or just something casually put together. Our ancient Chinese traditional arts don’t have these things. Also, the traditions of our Chinese nationality were not invented or created by any particular person.”

“Thus, there is this external interference. There is more to it, such as homosexuality, sexual freedom, and drug abuse.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun, 2014 Translation version)

Master pointed out that the deviating factors in modern society were brought in by the evil communist specter through Western culture. After reform and opening up, these things had a profound impact on China and the resulting further destruction of traditional culture is immeasurable.

Therefore, learning How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World is an important way for us to cleanse our thinking and break away from the interference of the communist specter in our cultivation.

Preparing Ourselves to Better Assist Master in Fa-rectification

As Fa-rectification continues to make rapid progress, we saw the clash of communist totalitarianism with the law and order of Hong Kong last year. The CCP shed all of its pretense and crushed Hongkongers’ aspiration for freedom and democracy with violence. 

This current U.S. election has also revealed the shocking fact of how far and deep the communist evil specter has infiltrated the United States. From politicians to government agencies; from civil service systems to judicial systems; from mainstream media to social media; and from universities to churches; almost every corner of society has been severely infiltrated and corrupted by the communist specter.

In my mind, it’s our historic mission during Fa-rectification cultivation to purge the evil specter of communism and keep it from poisoning and destroying mankind. We also have the responsibility to guide humankind back to the right path of traditional culture bestowed on us by our creator. 

With the result of the U.S. election still undetermined, many practitioners have shared their thoughts about sending righteous thoughts so that Trump wins the election. This isn’t to participate in politics, but so that our sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth will completely eliminate the remnants of communism's evil specter in other dimensions and enable more people to be saved. 

It requires fully awakened beings to bring about the full glory of Dafa in the human realm. There are still many things that Dafa disciples need to do in order to fulfill our historic mission of assisting Master with the Fa-rectification. 

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World has revealed many problems and clues that we are facing and will face in the future. When we learn the book well, it can help us keep up with the pace of Fa-rectification.