(Minghui.org) A few years ago, I joined the RTC platform material compiling team. The coordinator was just about to start with material compiling and training, which helped me when I became a member of the material team. 

After I joined the material compiling team, the coordinator suggested that we arrange a time for group Fa study. A few of us chose a time slot to study Master’s new lectures and Hong Yin, as well as work-related issues. A few years have passed since, during which we were persistent with our group Fa study, which helped us have a good cultivation state. 

Compiling the Materials Instrumental for Clarifying the Facts to Chinese 

During the process of collecting information, I realized that I lacked knowledge of what was provided by the informational materials. After some time, I’ve memorized a lot of the information. What was most extraordinary was that the content appeared to follow a clear line. Before that, I jumped around from one topic to another, as opposed to being systematic in my approach. No matter what sentient beings asked me, I could make use of the information to respond to them, as opposed to getting stuck in their logic. 

Before that, when I was online or used social media, I didn’t know how to awaken people’s conscience. I felt I either couldn’t articulate very well, or lacked the words. But, later on, when I saw messages, I could respond to them. 

Official Record about Mao Zedong

In a movie about the anti-Japanese war, it mentioned about how Mao Zedong fought the Japanese. The message, based on the official records, says at least six times that Mao Zedong thanked the Japanese for invading China. His argument was that if it were not because of this war, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) couldn’t have seized power. As to the degree of how much he appreciated the Japanese army, he went as far as giving up Japan’s huge war reparation. Right away, there was someone arguing with me. I then listed six times, found in the CCP documents to the public, and when Mao said so. 

Messages from People who had not Heard the Truth

Under a video about forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, I noticed that many people who didn’t know the truth left messages. I replied and used news I had collected recently in my reply to this person. I wrote in great detail and included a few real examples. Besides, I included a link to the most recent news published on the Chinese Epoch Times. If the other party didn’t accept my opinion, he or she would keep responding, while this time nobody replied. 

Jiang Zemin: China's Traitor

One time, I saw many messages in a video where Jiang Zemin, the former head of the CCP, was playing a musical instrument while singing a song. Some showed positive feedback. One person mentioned that if you listened to the background carefully, you could hear Falun Gong adherents protesting outside, so that it had to use another sound to cover that voice. 

I thought I must reply to this message. But if I were to state the truth, there could very well be some people opposing what I had to say. But, if I were to only include a short reply, it might not suffice. Nowadays many Chinese were brainwashed by the CCP, and they didn’t know what true patriotism meant. 

I then wrote: “Jiang Zemin is a villain. The CCP is a one-Party dictatorship. We don’t have any freedom of belief. Persecuting Falun Gong is one of Jiang’s greatest crimes. Because of forced live organ harvesting towards Falun Gong practitioners, the charge against him at the International Court of Justice is the same as that of the Nazis, which was crimes against humanity. It included the crimes of torture and genocide. Those protesters were mainly those who were persecuted in China, who were mostly Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) adherents or democracy activists.”

“But if Chinese people were to find out that he sold our land, then all Chinese would have been against it. People who already knew about that called him “the greatest traitor of our times”. I am not sure about the reason why he had to do that, but out of all CCP heads, he’s the one who sold the most of China's land. 

It was December 9 and 10, 1999, when Russian President Yeltsin came to visit, Jiang signed “The narrative protocol between the government of the People's Republic of China and the government of the Russian Federation on the two paragraphs of the East and West boundary” in Beijing, which was a great humiliation to the Chinese people. As it laid out, the land which was given to Russia was more than 0.3 billion acres.” 

Clarifying the Facts to Westerners: Compiling Materials Pertaining to Covid-19 

I began to collect news regarding the CCP virus after the outbreak. Then I noticed that many western mainstream media channels published information about the virus. Readers left many messages. 

After I came across an English report, I left a message in English: “Because of being rejected by the CCP, Taiwan is not a member of the WHO as of today. However, this is very laughable, as Taiwan has been most effectively dealing with this pandemic – with only over 300 confirmed cases. The reason is that they completely ignored advice from the CCP as well as the WHO. They started checking on passengers from December 31, 2019, then on January 2, it already set up the first emergency center, whereas the first passenger who was infected with Covid-19 was held on January 21.” 

Quickly enough, I started receiving “likes”. Up till now, I have received 900 “likes”. After that, when some people asked me about the WHO, I just clarified the facts to them on how the CCP bribed Tedros. 

There was another Canadian media channel with a video for interviewing Covid-19 patients. I left a message: “I hope they get well soon. As a Chinese, I felt such shame for what the CCP did. They have covered up the true situation, and let the virus spread to the whole world.” Then I got a reply, I gathered it was a westerner, saying, “China did the lock-down back in January. Back then, North America already knew about this virus. We can’t really blame China for that. Also, in China, the person in charge who delayed the lock-down was demoted. I feel during this pandemic, what the U.S. did is no better than China.” 

When I came across this message, I didn’t have a clear idea on what to write back. Where to start? When I was studying the Fa with fellow practitioners at the training team, I came across what Master said, 

“In fact, all Chinese people know how the wicked CCP is, and how those Party leaders that are manipulated by the evil think. But people who live in the Western world and have a normal mindset aren't aware of those things. They have no idea what the evil Party's culture is all about. That's why I'd say that if one day the evil Party suddenly disappears from China or falls, other governments will be clueless about how it happened. To find out what the evil CCP is about, you first have to learn how it looks at issues, how it thinks, and how it lies. If you don't have an understanding of even those most basic things, all the intelligence you gather will be wrong.” (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)

After we finished the study, I shared with a fellow practitioner from our material team regarding this message. I had a clear idea on how to respond, “As a Chinese, I am not against China but the CCP. You could never imagine how the CCP treats its own people. North American governments trust what the WHO said, however, the source information of the WHO came from the CCP’s fabricated data. Up until January 20, the CCP still claimed that there was no human to human transmission, even though many CCP internal documents have already suggested that they were aware of that since last December. The CCP only announced that the total death toll was 3,800. Yet based on the number of caskets, the true death toll could likely be above 42,000. Taiwan has learned a good lesson from the SARS pandemic, therefore, they decided not to trust either the CCP or WHO this time. Thus, they only have 440 confirmed cases and seven deaths. 

“During the lock-down, many people couldn’t get access to any medical resources. In order not to have their family members infected, they committed suicide. Many reporters disappeared, only because they wanted to report the truth. Though I have never seen any cases like that in North America.

“Zhou Xianwang, the Wuhan mayor admitted that he delayed in releasing the pandemic situation, but he never got fired. He said, ‘I hope Chinese people could understand us. As a local government leader, after information is presented to me, I can only release it to the public when I get the go-ahead.”

After this message was sent, I didn’t see any reply from her. I hoped that any Westerners who came across my message could understand how detrimental the consequences could be for the CCP to lie. This time, after the outbreak of the CCP virus, I realized that by making use of it as an entry point, it helped bring the truth to westerners. However, as to some people who didn’t understand why the CCP would persecute Falun Gong, I talked to them about how people were beaten to death in Wuhan city. It would help them understand the evilness of the CCP, and why it persecutes Falun Gong. 

Compiling Materials about Forced Organ Harvesting from Living Practitioners

Before that, when a few practitioners put together the script for exposing the forced organ harvesting from living practitioners, I didn’t participate in it. After I collected a lot of informational materials, I realized that I had a lot to write during the process. When I saw Annie’s witness, one thing made me cry for a while. She said that when her ex-husband used scissors to cut open a practitioner’s clothes, a small box fell out of her pocket. In the box was Falun Dafa amulet, and a small note, “Mom, happy birthday!”

After that, I had a dream. In my dream, a few dozen of us practitioners sat in an empty field. We were bending down and looking at broken pieces of a small, light blood-colored gemstone on the ground. I knew that every piece was a testimony of forced live organ harvesting. Every one of us found a piece, and when we put them together, they became a giant diamond, about three-and-a-quarter feet in diameter. Then, I woke up. I somehow felt that the diamond was that article. I didn’t think much about it, only that this training script was compiled by another practitioner and me. It took a few days before I understood the true meaning of that dream. 

Later I submitted this script to the coordinator. He didn’t like the flow of it, so he asked another more experienced practitioner to help edit it. When we needed an extracted version, that practitioner suggested both of us work on it. But the coordinator didn’t want me to be part of it, which made me unhappy. 

Another practitioner who made videos and I teamed up very well. She often praised me and thought I wrote very catchy titles. But right away, I became alert. Why did I have such a thought? There must be something wrong with me. Then I calmed my mind to look inward. Was it jealousy? No, it wasn’t. Was it attachment to fame and self-interest? No. Was I unhappy about it because I didn’t get accepted? Not really. Was it the attachment to doing things? 

When I looked deeper at that “being unhappy”, I realized that it was the attachment to my own ego. After I saw that attachment, I decided to let it go. This article would be used by practitioners. As long as it could awaken the conscience of people, did it matter who put it together? Of course not. 

When I began to think about it, I suddenly remembered my dream. Why were dozens of practitioners looking for the evidence instead of just a few? Of the materials I put together, which one didn’t come from another practitioner? For instance, an article regarding forced organ harvesting had three authors. The materials from the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong were investigated by quite a few practitioners. Thus, in terms of this article, it was the joint efforts of multiple practitioners who helped collect and investigate evidence of forced organ harvesting. How could I consider this article only attributable to myself? When I came to realize that, I felt so embarrassed.

Sentient Beings Listened to Truth-clarification after Collecting More Information 

I am in Canada. Because of daylight savings time, after taking my child to school in the morning, I didn’t have enough time to make phone calls. Because of the pandemic, recently the coordinator who was responsible for training asked me to make calls every day and pushed me to make more calls. I understood that the more I practiced, the better I understood what information was important.

Before that, when I was awakening people’s consciences, I often got hung up very quickly. But after the outbreak of the pandemic, I came up with a few sentences that could engage a person in a conversation easily. 

I said, “I’d like to convey some messages to you, as a normal citizen. What you saw on TV and browsed on the Internet, the information may not necessarily be truthful and transparent. I just wanted to tell you what exactly happened in Wuhan City, it’ll only take a few minutes of your time, is this okay?” Regular people would normally reply “Sure”. Then I got to carry on, “On January 27, when Wuhan City Mayor Zhou Xianwang was interviewed by CCTV, he admitted that he didn’t expose the virus ‘on time’. But, he hoped people could understand him. However, how could you expect ordinary citizens to understand you, or forgive you? It’s a matter related to people’s life. So many people lost their lives due to this cover-up. But why did the government do that? Fundamentally, it’s because what it’s concerned about is only social stability.”

I added, “On January 23, Wuhan City started with the lock-down. Before that, more than 5,000,000 people had fled from the city. That is that people took trains, and airplanes, or drove. There was no chaos. However, after the lock-down, so many things have happened and it became a mess everywhere.” Then I brought up why the CCP always cares little for human life, and it has been killing its own people, just like what the Soviet Union and Cambodia did, but the CCP is the worst. Then I started talking about quitting the CCP.”

Sometimes I used a short script out of fear of getting hung up on; I didn’t want to get into a lengthy conversation. But recently, I realized that for using this script, I knew how to get the message across much better than before. There was a person who was a member of the Young Pioneers, but refused to withdraw his membership. Even though after I talked a long time – I clarified truth about Dafa, the history of how the CCP has killed people, the staged “self-immolation” incident – he did not want to quit the CCP.

I then continued with mentioning about how people safeguarded their lives after quitting the CCP. He replied by saying that those were only isolated cases. I then used the script of forced live organ harvesting. At the beginning, he didn’t believe me. Then, I gave a few examples, including that more than 30 Chinese doctors were refused admission to the international organ transplant conference, and the papers of Chinese doctors were rejected by an international organ transplant magazine. Israel has established a legislation to prohibit Israelis to travel to China for organ transplants. Those witnesses risked their lives to expose the forced organ harvesting from living practitioners. What they said was almost the same – If I didn’t speak up, it would have hurt my conscience. 

During the call, he didn’t say anything. Before he hung up, I asked him if he wanted to quit the CCP. He agreed. Later I thought: Why did this person decide to do so? It was because he still felt a sense of justice, and had a conscience.

The RTC platform is a platform directly clarifying the facts to Chinese people. Many practitioners got together to make the calls, share and work with one another, they have formed a collective body, a cultivation environment, which is just like a big melting pot. I felt that I melted into it as soon as I joined the platform. I treasure this environment very much, and felt fortunate to be part of it. I hope I could do more and better, cultivate together with fellow practitioners, continue to awaken the conscience of sentient beings on this platform and find my own path.