(Minghui.org) It is the time of year for the annual “China Fahui on Minghui.” For more than 10 days, since November 11, 2020, the Minghui website has published experience sharing articles by Falun Dafa practitioners in China. These articles describe how practitioners in China look inward in all situations, follow Dafa’s principles, and improve, and how they awaken people’s consciences. They encourage practitioners outside of China to be more diligent and to save more people.

Only Dafa Can Bring about Miracles

Ms. Sun, a Falun Gong practitioner in Paris, said that she was very moved by the article “A Miracle of Falun Dafa: The Story of Qiqi.”

Qiqi, a 23-year-old girl, was diagnosed with autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mental disorder, and bidirectional language affective disorder. Qiqi was only five feet tall, yet she weighed over 220 pounds. She had the IQ of a two-year-old and only thought about food and play. She could do nothing on her own.

A practitioner took care of Qiqi for 10 months. She read Zhuan Falun to Qiqi and taught her how to do the exercises. Qiqi now studies one or two of Master’s new lectures each day. Over the past 10 months, she has memorized all five books in the Hong Yin series. She has started memorizing Zhuan Falun and is on Lecture Two now. After 10 months of Falun Dafa cultivation, Qiqi has gone from being agitated, overweight, and in declining health to a 105-pound, upbeat, and elegant young woman.

Ms. Sun said that the process was easier said than done. She noticed the practitioner’s firm belief in Dafa and her great compassion, patience, and tolerance in dealing with Qiqi. Only a Dafa disciple could have reached that realm. The changes in Qiqi were a manifestation of the extraordinary power of Dafa. As Qiqi’s mother said, “The weight loss alone is already a miracle!”

Ms. Sun said, “I have been practicing Falun Dafa for more than 20 years, yet I often diet to control my weight. I lack patience and tolerance, especially when I see people who behave in a way that does not meet my standard. I feel uncomfortable and either avoid them or pretend to be kind to them. I’ve also tried to eliminate these attachments, but it seemed I could not eliminate them completely. Now I find that these attachments have been weakening.”

Ms. Sun also said, “I saw the practitioner's firm faith in Master and Dafa. I also realized my shortcomings. More importantly, I learned how to cultivate in ordinary society and how to follow the principles Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.”

Learn to Look inward and Eliminate Attachments

Serena in Australia said, “I am a new practitioner who has only been cultivating Falun Dafa for a year. Most articles talked about looking inward, letting go of jealousy, eliminating the attachment to saving face and comfort, and so on. This helped me find my attachments and be diligent.

She was struck by two things the practitioner who wrote Saving People Is My Priority said: “I strove to be diligent. I read at least two lectures of Zhuan Falun every day, and read Master’s other lectures nine times. I seized every minute to clarify the facts and awaken the conscience of people. I've helped about 3,000 people quit the three major Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations (CCP, Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneers).”

And: “Why was that man so angry? I looked inside. I found several attachments: competitiveness, resentment, contempt, and saving face. I also realized that I didn’t have enough compassion, and couldn’t overpower the evil substances manipulating that person. I reminded myself to study the Fa more and improve quickly.”

Serena said, “I was afraid of clarifying the truth to people, especially those from China, because some of them are rude. Precious Chinese people are waiting for Dafa disciples to awaken their consciences. Master has given us the opportunities again and again. Now, the Chinese people are also awakening, and the situation is changing rapidly.”

Serena has been practicing for just over a year, but she is often on the front lines when it comes to clarifying the truth and she often goes to the Chinese Consulate in Sydney to send forth righteous thoughts. She says, “I realized that the attitude of living beings toward me is also a reflection of my realm. The more fear I have, the harder it is to awaken someone’s conscience. If I have no fear and treat saving people as a precious opportunity for me to validate the Fa, I feel that saving people is a joyful thing.”

Serena said that reading Minghui’s sharing articles greatly encouraged her to be diligent. “Sometimes I wanted to pursue comfort. After reading fellow practitioners’ sharing about cultivation, I can better understand how precious cultivation is, and I am able to be diligent again.

Experienced the Greatness of Dafa

Ms. Zhong, a Falun Gong practitioner in Australia, was deeply moved when she read the article Walking Steadily the Path of Validating the Fa. The author said that reciting the Fa helped her overcome huge tribulations and helped her witness the wonderfulness of Dafa, that her faith in the Fa helped her negate the attempt to “transform” her, and that her firm belief helped her endure the cruel torture.

Ms. Zhong looked inward and realized she could not study the Fa with a quiet mind. She did not do the exercises every day. She did not take basic cultivation seriously. Sometimes she wanted to finish Fa study quickly so she could have more time to do Dafa projects.

Ms. Zhong realized that, outside of China, there is no danger on the surface, so it is easy to slack off in the day-to-day routines. She knew things were nearing the end but she had no sense of urgency when it came to cultivation. Sometimes she spent two or three hours on her cell phone reading the news instead of using the time to do the exercises. She realized it was because she did not study the Fa diligently. Such a mindset could hardly motivate her to be diligent.

Ms. Zhong said, “After reading the sharing articles, I decided to rectify myself in the Fa. I now study the Fa with a quiet mind and send more righteous thoughts. I also make time to do the exercises. I felt that the Fa was more powerful when I adjusted my cultivation state.”

Master said,

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Ms. Zhong added, “I am grateful for the China Fahui on Minghui. It is a precious opportunity for practitioners around the world to compare cultivation states. Many practitioners have benefited greatly from these sharing articles. In the final moments of the Fa-rectification period, we should walk the path of our own cultivation steadily and live up to the expectations of our Master and sentient beings.”