(Minghui.org) The CCP virus (coronavirus) spread to our city at the beginning of this year. 

At first, I didn’t think that it would impact my own life that much. I still went out to clarify the truth every day and cooperated with fellow practitioners to make truth-clarifying calls. However, one day as I rode my electric bike down the street, I suddenly noticed that the streets were mostly deserted and I could only see ambulances and people in hazmat suits.

When I returned to my residential community that day, I had to check my temperature at the gate. Two days later, my community went into lockdown. 

During that time, I truly felt the danger that the world's people were in, and it weighed on my mind. If those people who were supposed to be saved passed away because I hadn't reached them, I wondered, wouldn't that be my responsibility and my sin? It was a feeling that I hadn't felt before. I had no appetite during the day, and often woke up in the middle of the night. An invisible pressure pushed down on me. 

I adjusted my state through studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts. At the same time, I selected some truth-clarifying materials and distributed them via email. I also called up some acquaintances who hadn’t withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. 

When I decided to use my cell phone that was registered in my real name to clarify the truth, I hesitated for a few days out of fear. But once I thought about all the people who hadn’t withdrawn from the CCP and could face danger at any moment, I finally made the first call. Suddenly, I found myself able to relax. It seemed that Master had removed the substance of fear that had surrounded me; it was as if the fear was never there. 

I didn’t make those calls all in a row, but made each call when I was in a good state. Making these calls also changed my thinking. In the past, I had denied the persecution on the basis of self––because I didn't want to suffer pain and loss. Now, I denied the persecution on the basis of altruism. I want to save more people in the face of a catastrophe. 

After our community went off lockdown, we were still limited as to how long we could leave for. Whenever we entered and exited the community, we'd have to scan our health codes on our phones. We also had to be back by a certain time. A group of people would stand guard at the community gate, which at first seemed like it would interfere with when I'd be able eave to clarify the truth. 

But when I went out for the first time, I rode my bike behind another person on a bike and nobody asked me anything. I was surprised and a little excited. I thanked Master in my mindfor his help. 

I rode my bike along the road and saw that the streets were still deserted. The people I occasionally did come across all wore face masks and were in a hurry. 

At the door of a pharmacy, I talked to a middle-aged man who came out to buy medicine. He happily agreed to quit the CCP. I also told him that his family members could do the same by writing their declarations on a one-yuan bill, which would also work. He thanked me.

Then I went to visit a fellow practitioner. I had faith that I would be able to get into the practitioner's community smoothly. Sure enough, at the gate of the community, I followed a car and got inside. The fellow practitioner and I hadn’t seen each other for a long time. We chatted happily for a while and then made plans to go out and clarify the truth together the next day.

On my way out of that community, I was stopped by a tall young guard at the gate. He insisted that I scan my health code even after I said that I was not from that community. I had no choice but to take out my cell phone, which had no battery installed. 

“How did you get in? Your phone has no battery,” he asked. 

I told him that I came in through the same door that he guarded. 

“You can leave now. No need to scan the code,” he said.

I was very alert on the way home. I kept saying in my mind, “No scanning for Dafa disciples!” Sure enough, no one asked me to scan my code when I passed through the gate of my community.

Later on when I entered or left my community, I would always recite the same words in my mind. I was able to pass without scanning every time. Since I had to face the situation almost every day, however, I became more and more unsure. I got worried about being scanned.

The environment changes with one’s mind. When I returned to the community one day, I was chased down by a security guard who shouted, “Scan the code! Scan the code!” I ignored him and rode in directly. The next day, he demanded that I scan the code again. A young lady in the guard room told me that it would be okay if I just showed her my health code. 

I thought that this was a kind of interference. I started to first send righteous thoughts, focusing on the idea that Dafa disciples should not be scanned.

I soon realized that there was an attachment behind my unwillingness to scan the code. This in turn was connected to multiple negative thoughts: I was afraid to leave records of my movement, I was afraid that people would find a pattern related to when I'd go out, and so on. It was the attachment of fear as well as an acknowledgement of the old forces.

I put down my fear of scanning the code and took the initiative to scan my health code a few times, which relaxed me. My thoughts regarding the issue became simple: “I'll just let things happen. If no one asks me to scan, so be it; if not, that’s okay too.” 

I haven’t worried about the situation or recited anything since then. In an amazing turn of events, the community gate has been wide open to me since then. Nobody has tried to force me to scan the code anymore. 

With the pandemic situation waxing and waning, the guards' attitudes fluctuate between strict and lax. But whenever I enter or leave the community, I never get checked, even though people in front of or behind me may be. I don't give any extra thought to this. 

The outbreak of the virus has changed my cultivation environment. During this period, I have felt Master's compassion and encouragement from the bottom of my heart.