(Minghui.org) I didn't pay much attention to the “zero-out” campaign when Minghui first reported on it earlier this year, knowing that whatever the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does is destined to fail, and become another big scandal.

Only recently did I realize the seriousness of this matter. This time the CCP has changed its tactics – it is forcing everyone in its system to get involved, from its central government to the lowest levels in the community. In addition to targeting Falun Gong practitioners, they are also going after practitioners’ family members.

It is said that the CCP is using money to motivate its people to participate in this “zero-out” campaign. It is a concerted effort to try to make every practitioner on the government's blacklists renounce their faith. If every Falun Dafa practitioner in one jurisdiction is made to give up their faith and sign a statement renouncing their faith, each person involved in the persecution can get a bonus of tens of thousands of yuan. But if one practitioner doesn’t do it, then none of the people involved in that area will get the bonus.

Under the temptation of money, there people are trying all kinds of means to get the practitioners’ signatures – when practitioners firmly refuse to renounce their faith, those people turn to the practitioners’ family members and ask them to sign the statements for the practitioners.

Officials first harassed and intimidated some practitioners’ family members without end. While some who knew the truth well could resolutely resist, others had a hard time resisting, and were forced to say or do things against Falun Gong, even if they were supportive of the practitioners before. I consider such persecution insidious to the extreme. In some reports, some practitioners’ families members cried several times after they were forced to sign the renouncing statements for their loved ones. I believe it’s their knowing side that was crying.

My heart sunk when I heard that. Fa-rectification is moving towards its final stage. The evil has reached the very surface. It is also at its most vulnerable moment and is making a dying struggle.

On the other hand, this “zero-out” campaign is taking place across China and interfering with so many practitioners, especially at a time when the battle of the U.S. election remains heated and needs practitioners to send righteous thoughts for it.

It dawned on me that it’s not coincidental that the harassment and persecution is going on all over the country at this time. It is possibly another tactic being used by the CCP to interfere with the general election, so as to distract many practitioners in China from joining the battle or paying attention to it. If that’s the case, then it’s no longer something that concerns the practitioners in China only, but all practitioners around the world – as we are one body and we are fighting the same global battle between good and evil.

This “zero-out” campaign harms the sentient beings that we are going to save, our relatives, and ordinary people. Many of them have already understood the facts, but are now forced to turn against us under the pressure, saying or doing things they will regret.

But from another perspective, it also reflects that some of our truth-telling is still not solid or thorough, as some fellow practitioners have a strong attachment to emotion and were taken advantage of.

There have been many reports about the harassment campaign on Minghui, but there are more yet to be exposed. It should be the evil that fears the exposure. I hope fellow practitioners can handle this with righteous thoughts and completely negate the evil’s plot and the persecution.

In any case, there are also many fellow practitioners who are doing very well in the “zero out” campaign. They firmly resist the harassment and use this opportunity to clarify the truth to those CCP officials. For true cultivators, everything we encounter is a good thing. Let us strengthen our righteous thoughts, turn the tide against the CCP, and completely eliminate its evil factors.

This is my understanding at this level, and please kindly point out shortcomings.