(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners around the world have been closely following the 17th China Fahui on the Minghui website. Practitioners in Sweden expressed their determination to cultivate more diligently after being inspired by the experiences of practitioners in China, who have cultivated solidly and offered salvation to sentient beings while living under the brutal persecution.

Advance Diligently, Never Slack Off

Ms. Chen in Sweden was touched by an article titled “Doing All We Can to Save People.” She said she was brought to tears by the endurance of the fellow practitioner who had produced truth clarification materials in a rental apartment without air-conditioning or heat. The apartment was freezing cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer, and the practitioner couldn’t open the windows for soundproofing reasons. It was already terrible to stay in the room and even worse working there. The fellow practitioner also had to be prepared to move any time in case of an emergency.

Ms. Chen realized that practitioners outside of China should treasure their freedom and opportunities to speak out and shoulder their responsibilities to expose the persecution. She reminded herself to eliminate her attachment to comfort and make cultivation and truth-clarification her priorities. “Whenever I think of our fellow practitioners in China, I don’t have any excuse to slack off. They are truly admirable to brave all kinds of interference to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. I must do my best to cultivate myself well, help Master with Fa-rectification, and offer salvation to more people.”

Doing the Three Things Well

Gulli, an Iranian practitioner, said that reading the Fahui experience sharing articles had made her more grateful for Master and Falun Dafa. She was most impressed with an article titled “An 82-Year-Old Practitioner Helps Master with Fa-rectification.”

“Our fellow practitioners in China risk being arrested to clarify the truth wherever they go every day. Their selflessness, compassion, and righteous thoughts are truly admirable. I was moved to tears. We live in such a relaxed environment and have many fellow practitioners around us. Our truth-clarification activities are protected by the police. It’s such a sharp contrast to the environment in China,” she said.

Gulli is determined to do the three things well and be worthy of Master’s compassionate salvation.

No Trivial Issues in Cultivation

Ms. Zhang, who has been practicing Falun Dafa since 1997, said the article “Letting Go of Humanness Amidst Trivial Issues” left her a deep impression on her. The author recounted some of the lessons he had learned. When he failed to be strict with himself in cultivation, he missed opportunities to improve and ended up suffering hardship.

Ms. Zhang said, “The author used to argue with others and couldn’t stand any criticism but eventually grew to be able to tolerate even the worst comments. It was a battle between human notions and righteous thoughts. Even though there are trivial issues in everyday life, he took these opportunities to eliminate many attachments and eventually moved toward a beautiful realm.”

Ms. Zhang looked within herself and found her own shortcomings through this practitioner’s experience sharing. She asked herself why she was able to stay composed when facing big issues but had been agitated by trivial issues. She said it was actually because she never cared about trivial things, which ended up leaving her with omissions in cultivation. Ms. Zhang learned from that practitioner’s lessons and was determined to eliminate her attachments through seemingly trivial things and to maintain righteous thoughts at all times.