(Minghui.org) Before the pandemic lockdown, I sometimes went to public places to talk to Westerners face-to-face about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s persecution of Falun Gong and also collect signatures on petitions calling for an end to the persecution. During my truth-clarification, many kindhearted Westerners showed their understanding and support for Dafa and expressed their heartfelt sympathy for Dafa disciples. They condemned the CCP's evil deeds and often asked what more they could do besides signing petitions.

However, I have also discovered that some of those Westerners, who can recognize the goodness of Dafa and the evilness of the CCP, are completely unable to recognize President Trump and his achievements against the CCP’s totalitarianism. Many also strongly oppose conservative media (what they call the right-wing media). For them, I could feel a long-standing and deep-rooted misunderstanding of Trump.

Generally speaking, those who support Trump are often respectful of Dafa and reject the CCP, and their salvation may no longer be a big problem. Perhaps we should spend more time and efforts on Westerners who do not accept Trump, regardless of which political party they support.

Now is the time for everyone to make a choice between good and evil. How do we clarify the facts to those good and kindhearted Westerners who oppose Trump? With the huge contention between the left and the right, I worry the changing situation may have the potential to push them into siding with the CCP.

One thing to be clear on, though, is that we aren’t getting everyone to support Trump, but to help people understand the extent of the CCP’s infiltration in the West and how it has corrupted the freed world with its lies and propaganda.

Master taught us in the latest teaching:

“And as you work to raise awareness, you must be sure not to think or act too much like an ordinary person. Only by staying clear on what you are doing will you manage to not get caught up in things and do even better.” (“Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference)

I realized that for me to clarify the truth to westerners, first of all, I should not choose sides between the left and right myself, but to talk about things from a higher perspective based on universal values. In that way, what I say may be more acceptable to those Westerners and avoid pushing them away.

We should also avoid giving them too much information all at once, as it will simply overwhelm them and push them away. We should just sensibly present the evidence and factual reports on election fraud, the CCP’s stirring things up, and how certain officials colluded with the CCP.

I also saw (with some vision unlocked by Master) that in the old forces' arrangement, many Westerners who could have been saved went to the opposite side and even hold a negative view of Dafa.

Even though there is interference from the old forces and people are making their own choices, it also has something to do with our ways of clarifying the truth, including the reason for the tit-for-tat with the regular left-wing media.

In my understanding of Master's new scripture, He wants us to break through the old forces’ arrangements and save more people in the world.

I also realized that not choosing a side between the left and right on the human level doesn't mean we want to be “Mr. Nice.” In our hearts, we must discern good and evil clearly ourselves and understand the underlying battle between good and evil. Only when we have a clear understanding, can we guide people to tell good and evil apart.

The current situation of ordinary people is chaotic and complicated, and it may get even worse before everything is settled.

But we should remember what Master has told us:

“Any human thoughts or attachments you have will make it hard for you to improve and elevate, and at the same time, will be seized upon by the old forces and evil factors, for sure.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

I also want to remind fellow practitioners working in media to pay attention to the issue and not let our human heart hinder us from assisting Master to rectify the Fa.