(Minghui.org) For practitioners, seeking the truth of the universe is a life-long journey. Arriving at the truth of the universe is like wandering through a maze in our cultivation. When practitioners get lost in the maze, some rely on practitioners whose third eyes are open for answers. Gradually the notion that practitioners with open third eyes are able to see the truth of the universe and give guidance can turn into interference. It can play the role of helping practitioners to improve in cultivation to a certain degree. Yet practitioners are likely to develop an attachment from it.

As we understand the Fa more, we find that the path we are walking becomes more and more difficult. As long as we have human hearts, we will be restrained by the universal principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. We will find that no matter how many good things we have done, there are impure and unrighteous elements in us. If we don’t suppress or rectify them, their negative effects will come into play and cause damage to other practitioners as well as ourselves.

A practitioner who goes by the name Sandy has strong righteous thoughts and sees things with her third eye. She didn’t give in to the evil while in prison. She even composed a song which shocked the guards and inmates so much so that they haven’t persecuted her as much since then.

A practitioner who goes by the name Gina learned the song from Sandy and sang it to other practitioners one day. The lyrics and music were very nice. Another practitioner who goes by Lina didn’t feel right at that moment and didn’t know what it was. She thought about it for quite some time after she came home and found that Gina was idolizing Sandy, which was not right. Practitioners should hold Falun Dafa and Master in high regard. So why were we admiring a practitioner? No matter how well this practitioner behaves, she did it because Dafa strengthened her. Without the strengthening of Dafa, she wouldn’t be able to oppose persecution.

This kind of situation appeared many times among practitioners, and it was impure. A practitioner who goes by Mary left her hometown 17 years ago and lived in northeastern China for a number of years. One day Mary received a phone call from a practitioner in her hometown who asked when she would return. That practitioner said that she was not in a good cultivation state and needed help.

Hearing this, Mary felt heart-wrenched. For 17 years, she was a practitioner whose third eye was open and had good xinxing; she could guide other practitioners’ cultivation. Was her cultivation state at that time caused by attachments or did it reveal her true state? She could not recall her cultivation state at that time. But other practitioners in her hometown developed an attachment and reliance on her. It has been 17 years. I believe she actually committed a crime!

Master is compassionate and wants to save all sentient beings. Practitioners can cultivate in their daily lives. It is easy on the surface, but the xinxing standard for practitioners is not low. It actually has a higher demand for xinxing. Practitioners whose third eye is open will come across worldly tests as well as tests from other dimensions. Though they can have a glimpse of the maze, the xinxing requirements for them are higher. The temptations of fame, self interest, and sentimentality are quite powerful in this world. Many practitioners who have an open third eye cannot conduct themselves well and thus deviate from the righteous path.

I came across a practitioner whose third eye was opened at a high level. She often guided other practitioners, but she lost the ability to see and talk when she had a large test of illness karma. She eventually passed away. If the practitioners around her could have reminded her kindly or if she could have realized her mistake on her own, it may have spared her from death.

Reflecting on our cultivation over the past 20-plus years, practitioners were likely to admire and praise practitioners whose third eyes were open, but they were walking on a tightrope. Some could balance things well while others fell. Those practitioners who admire and praise these practitioners should think about what result their admiration and praise would bring about. Are you following humans or Dafa? We understand that it is Master’s arrangement for those practitioners to have their third eyes open so we can improve together. It is excellent if we can differentiate them.

If practitioners with open third eyes can look for their attachments, discern righteousness from evil, take the opportunity to improve their xinxing, and let go of their pursuit to fame and personal interest, that would make their cultivation more sacred. It’s also Master’s requirement for practitioners.

Finally I’d like to quote Master’s Fa here so that we can improve together.

“For a cultivator, all the frustrations he comes across among everyday people are trials, and all the compliments he receives are tests.” (“A Cultivator is Naturally Part of It,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

This is only my understanding at my level. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.