(Minghui.org) Even as a child, people saw me as a good kid because I didn’t fight with or swear at others. If someone bullied me, I forgave them right away. My mom said I never took anything to heart. I also considered myself to be an even-tempered person. 

However, when dealing with my younger sister who was eight years younger than me, I behaved differently. When she was in grade six, she came to me for help with a math question. After I explained how I worked it out a few times, she still didn’t get it, as the question was rather difficult. Even so, I got so upset that I slammed her book and writing pad onto the ground. Then I yelled, “Why are you so dumb?” She cried and after that, stopped coming to me for help. I felt tremendous regret for how I treated her, especially because I didn't purposefully hurt her feelings. 

After I began Falun Dafa cultivation in 1996, I realized that I needed to eliminate my bad temper. It was caused by my evil nature. Although I understood the principles, it wasn’t easy to align my actions with them right away. 

The first time I tried to get rid of my bad temper was just over 10 years ago. I had a conflict with Ms. Li, who was older than me so I addressed her as “older sister.” She had a computer that needed a dual operating system installed. After I finished the installation, I showed her how to use it. But shortly after that, she asked someone to tell me that her husband messed up the system after trying to install an investment application. 

So I went to her home to re-install the systems. Unexpectedly, she asked me to install the investment application for her husband. When I said I knew nothing about it, her husband found someone who told me where to download the application. 

After I finished the installation, her husband was happy, but she began to complain about not knowing how to browse the Internet. I showed her what to do and asked her to write the steps down. 

A few days later, she told me she was confused by the notes she took. With her coming to me and my going to her place, we went back and forth quite a few times. I became impatient after the fourth visit, as I had never encountered such a situation. However, no matter how I scolded her, she remained upbeat. 

Also, every time her husband talked sarcastically to her, she always had a smile. It was as if he had said the things to someone else. At first, I felt there was something wrong with her. Why wasn’t she moved by how terribly her husband criticized her? When I learned that she clarified the facts face-to-face at her vendor stand every day, and even plain clothes police officers working in the market protected her, I wept. I understood that Master let me see her realm.

A few years later, I joined a different group study and got to know a few new practitioners. When I realized that every time the Minghui.org editorial group asked us to submit experience-sharing papers for an upcoming experience sharing conference or other activities, they turned a blind eye. I was so upset that I wanted to stay away from them. However, every time I made up my mind to stop going to their Fa-study group, someone would task me with something that needed to be done for the next study. Thus, I continued to attend their group study. 

One day, I was cheerfully on my way home because no one had assigned me a task that was needed by the group. I thought to myself, “Finally I don't have to go there.” While I was walking, I felt someone push my left side. My right foot was just below the curb, so I quickly lifted it up. But, I staggered and fell down. My right elbow landed on the ground. Seeing there was nobody around, I quickly got up. My goodness, I felt something was wrong with my neck although it wasn't injured. Right away, I knew that I must have done something wrong. 

The next day, as I walked out of my home with a stiff neck, all my discomfort suddenly disappeared. I went to the Fa-study group and candidly shared my recent thoughts and Master’s Fa with everyone. Fellow practitioners were very straightforward and pointed out my attachments. Their words almost made me cry as they reminded me of what my mom often said to me when she was around, “Other than me, who else will criticize you?” Indeed, the sacred predestined relationships among practitioners are even closer than kinship. 

Recently, a practitioner said that I wasn’t as aggressive as I was before. I knew that Dafa had transformed me. When I followed what Master said and put myself in other people’s shoes during a conflict, I knew what I should say and do. 

I kindly suggested to practitioners that they learn how to use a computer, so they could use the Epoch Times website to register the names of people who withdrew their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, plus they could check out the Minghui website. A few of them gladly bought computers. 

When they ran into a xinxing conflict, they didn’t have to wait for group Fa-study to discuss it with fellow practitioners. They could read sharing articles by practitioners from all over the world on the Minghui website every day. They could read how other practitioners used Master’s Fa as guidance and cultivated themselves when they ran into issues. Using the Internet would help to broaden their horizons and improve themselves. 

On the surface, it appeared that I had a bad temper; but deep down, my temper was comprised of many attachments. No matter what kind of attachment was touched upon, it’d trigger my bad temper. When I gradually eliminated one attachment after another, my temper went away. Cultivation is truly amazing! 

Thank you Master. Thank you fellow practitioners.