(Minghui.org) The Communist Party authorities in our area began harassing practitioners at the beginning of October 2020. They tried to force practitioners to sign a document stating they would stop practicing Falun Dafa. We knew that their plan was to destroy our faith in Master Li. 

We were determined to not let the evildoers succeed. We also realized that our cultivation was not mature and that our thinking had been influenced by some old notions and Chinese Communist Party culture.

The agents' first targets were employees and retirees. They forced employers to pressure practitioners into signing the document. When practitioners refused to cooperate, pressure was put on their children and grandchildren. Their family members were threatened with job suspension or termination. Some practitioners’ family members lost income, which made it very difficult for them. Those practitioners who signed the documents only did so under severe pressure from their families. 

Next, self-employed practitioners in towns and villages were also harassed, and were pressured to quit Falun Dafa. Practitioners resisted by clarifying the truth to the agents. Some officials bribed practitioners’ families with cash. Some tried to make practitioners sign a blank paper in front of a camera.

Some of us complied under duress. Some practitioners thought, “Maybe we are too selfish, and not being sensitive to the needs of our families who are hurting because of us.” But these practitioners forgot that the evil is destroying our faith while jeopardizing the future of our relatives. 

Betraying Master and Dafa is very dangerous. But under the pressure and out of sentimentality for their families, some practitioners chose the easy way out and signed the evil document. 

Now, those who signed regret giving in.

Ultimately, our cultivation suffered a setback. We did not fully trust Master and Dafa. We were too attached to sentimentality for family. We must do better in the future.