(Minghui.org) Reading Falun Dafa books with full attention is critical for every practitioner, because Dafa is our only hope when facing serious tests. Based on my observation, most Dafa practitioners in China had some personal pursuits at the beginning. It was commonplace to see practitioners not taking Fa study seriously, and they often carried out nonessential conversation during the group Fa study. 

Our ancestors used to bring cattle and chickens home at the end of the day. How come nowadays we don’t know how to bring our thoughts back to the truth? Maybe we don’t treasure our own heart and mind enough. I think we must pay attention to our own enlightenment quality all the time. 

We must hold full attention when reading the Fa. We should be able to maintain a continuous thought flow without interference. A diligent practitioner should read Dafa books, and listen to Dafa lectures whenever possible. Our questions usually get resolved during Fa study. In addition, we should read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and read experience sharing articles published on the Minghui website. We also need time to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa to people. With all these tasks, we hardly have time for nonessential activities.