(Minghui.org) My son is a 23-year-old college graduate. I took him to group Fa-study when he was less than one year old. However, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999, I was sent to a forced labor camp. He suffered a lot of hardship living alone with his dad. He always knew Dafa was good, but he did not practice it formally and only occasionally came with me and my husband to study the Fa and do the exercises.

Beginning our Cultivation Practice

This year, Hubei Province was the hardest-hit area during the Pandemic. Cities and villages in Hubei Province were locked down for nearly two months. The situation did get much better afterward, but it was hard to find a job. So my son had to stay with us. The three of us were isolated at home, so we spent time together to study the Fa, do the exercises, and exchange experiences on how to practice Falun Dafa. We thus formed a small group cultivation environment in our home.

My son wasn’t very diligent with practice at first. However, he was touched after reading the young practitioners' cultivation articles on the Minghui website. He was determined to improve himself. As a group, we all quickly made progress in cultivation.

My son spent the Chinese New Year at home with us. At that time, I was lying on the bed due to leg pain. Seeing this, he insisted on studying the Fa with me. He encouraged me to treat myself as a practitioner. He told me my legs would naturally get better when my xinxing improved. My son did this to help me improve, but he did not cultivate himself.

At lunch one day, my husband and I suggested to our son that he find a job nearby and live at home so we could also practice together. He immediately got angry and said he would rather become a farmer than work nearby. He left the table and went back to his room in a rage, ignoring us.

I was very disappointed and thought to myself: “If you don’t want to do it, forget it, I’m not forcing you. Why did you act like this? We put forth such effort to bring you up well, but you treat us like this.” I was so sad. On top of that, my leg was quite painful. I had forgotten I was a practitioner, and that he was helping me to improve my xinxing.

Through constant study and practice, my son clearly realized that he too was cultivating, not just helping me, his mother. After he changed his perspective, he was able to look inward and consider the feelings of others. He improved quickly.

When I talked to my son later about this situation, I asked him why he was so angry at that time. He said that he had been very self-centered, protecting his pride, without considering the feelings of his mom and dad. Later, he understood that we need to be good to others as a cultivator, including respecting our parents. We need to restrain ourselves, and not just do whatever we want.

Our son has entirely changed since then. Every day he made breakfast, helped with household chores, washed clothes, cleaned the floor, washed dishes, etc. He would not do that before. When I had friction with his father, he reminded us to be like a cultivator, saying that this is an excellent opportunity to improve xinxing.

Recently, my son was very busy with three online classes. One day, a neighbor knocked on my door to give me a winter melon and my son opened the door and took the melon, and the neighbor left. I rushed to the door. Looking at the neighbor’s back, I said: “Thank you!” My son immediately reacted: “Oh no, I’m just thinking about my class, and I didn’t even thank her. That’s rude.” In the past, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to reflect on himself, but Dafa has changed him.

Clarifying the Truth of Dafa and Awakening People

We understood it was a critical time to help people understand the truth of Dafa. One day we went with our son to visit his uncle and his family. We hoped his family would watch the TV programs about Falun Dafa on the USB flash drive we gave him. But they just wanted to watch other things. My son said to his uncle, “Uncle, let’s watch the programs on the flash drive. They are good programs.” He asked his cousin to plug the USB into the TV and play the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. They didn’t seem to like the program.

After dinner, his uncle took the remote control to select other programs on the flash drive. He watched “Ten Directions of Ming Hui” for a while, and then selected “Dafa in the World.” His uncle was shocked by those programs. He said that it turned out that other countries all supported Falun Dafa practitioners, but the CCP was persecuting them. Uncle stated that the CCP was not good for the country and its people.

Some of the relatives present at my uncle’s house did not understand why the US government imposed sanctions against China. I explained it based on my understanding. The Chinese government is a CCP-controlled government, which is against humanity and gods. Huawei was manipulated by the CCP, stealing information for them throughout the world, helping this evil Party to oppress humankind. We discussed this issue further, and my son’s aunt and uncle understood, but his cousin and his wife still expressed their doubts.

To help them to understand the truth after we got home, my son called them. He explained: “You need to read correct information from overseas sources. Mainland China has blocked all real information. What you see on TV is false.” He continued to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa, “Our faith is not involved in politics. Helping people to understand the truth is to save people. We don’t get involved in politics, and we don’t want power, we want to awaken people.” His cousin promised to read more of our recommended websites in the future.

Our son had a good friend from high school who later joined the military. My son worried that the CCP would brainwash him. So he visited his friend and attempted to play the Nine Commentaries video for him. But his friend walked away and did not dare to watch it.

My son was very disappointed and talked to me about this situation with his friend. I encouraged him to try again and suggested possible approaches that might prove helpful. My son gratefully accepted my truth-clarifying suggestions. In the past when I gave him advice, he never took it to heart. After overcoming some obstacles, my son is gradually moving towards maturity.

I am grateful to Master Li (the founder) for arranging the opportunity for our family to practice Falun Dafa together. We will study the Fa more and do well with the three things. By following Master, we will return to our true home.