(Minghui.org) Some practitioners in China are investing in TBCC, a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. Many practitioners from Changchun, Hebei, and Shenzhen are involved. Some invested tens of thousands yuan or hundreds of thousands yuan. They claim they made quick money and what they gained is much more than they invested. This is alarming.

When other practitioners pointed out the problem, they defended their actions with various excuses: It’s an honest investment that is in line with the Fa, practitioners are not supposed to be impoverished, and that with more money we can validate the Fa more effectively, etc. As a matter of fact, the old forces have already latched onto their attachments. Instead of eliminating their attachments, they try to justify themselves. They are deceiving themselves and others. They probably don’t know whether it’s a proper investment or not. 

In China, these network investments usually involve deception and this is very likely a pyramid scheme. You might indeed earn some money, but it’s at the cost of people who invest later. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we should know the principle of no loss no gain. One reaps no more than what he has sown. You make money by giving out your virtue.

CCP Mentality

I know a practitioner who invested in an online business that raises funds via the Internet. When I pointed out the problem, he argued, “If you are right, then the insurance business is also a pyramid scheme, so is pension investment.” Setting aside whether what he said is right or not—his argument is typical Party culture. What’s implied is that if other people do wrong, then it's alright for me to do it. When he later realized something was wrong with his investment, he pulled out of it. That online business was later closed down by the government. Those who invested in the later stages could not get their money back. He was fine and did not lose or make any money. I think it was because Master was taking care of him.

Master has talked about these issues many times—so we should just use our common sense. When misunderstandings occurred among practitioners in a few areas in China, they were all caused by practitioners’ attachments. For example, spreading fabricated articles allegedly written by Master, secret agents, making speeches that disrupt the Fa, secret agents cheating practitioners for their money under false pretense to make donations to overseas projects that validate Dafa, and network investments mentioned above. I feel practitioners’ attachments invited this interference. They didn’t realize it was wrong until they later stumbled.

Take network investments as an example. Some practitioners who are participating in network investments were recently released from prison. They may not have eliminated their fundamental attachments which is what might have caused them to be persecuted. Other practitioners take doing things as cultivation. They did many things to validate Dafa but did not cultivate their hearts. They carried things to extremes and neglected making money to support their families. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve let go of the attachment to making a big fortune and the mentality of showing off. Once they compromised their faith while imprisoned due to cruel torture and after they're released, they continue to be led by their fundamental attachments. They haven't eliminated their attachments of fear and seeking comfort.

The Fa-rectification has entered the last stage. The old forces are dragging people downward. We’ve experienced so many challenges. We should be rational when the old forces attempt to interfere. Think about the many outstanding things we've accomplished—is making money really worth having everything ruined at the last second? Please don't get confused and fall into the old forces’ trap. Be sure to be clear about the Fa principles.