(Minghui.org) With Thanksgiving around the corner, Falun Gong practitioners held a celebration event in Houston's Hermann Park to thank Master for his benevolent salvation, on the early afternoon of November 22, 2020.

Falun Gong practitioners doing the exercises in Hermann Park

Demonstrating the Falun Gong Exercises

The sky was very clear, and the sun shone brightly. Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) practitioners wore their yellow t-shirts, and took a group photo in front of the park's landmark. The practitioners expressed their heartfelt gratitude – “Wishing Master Happy Thanksgiving” and “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance is good.”

After that, the practitioners demonstrated the exercises in the park. The environment was calm and peaceful and locals, who were passing by on the small train, watched intently.

Cultivating for Many Years

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Chen is the owner of a finance company. She said, “I have cultivated in Falun Gong for 23 years. Master taught me Dafa, and I have experienced deeply the greatness and preciousness of Dafa. After starting cultivation, I became very healthy. My physical and mental health really benefit a lot from it.”

“Before I started cultivation in Falun Gong,” she said, “I suffered from gynecological diseases and ovarian cysts, and had surgery in China. After coming to the U.S. and having the affinity to cultivate in Falun Gong, my ovarian cysts disappeared.”

“After cultivating,” she said, “my perception of the world changed. When I deal with matters and people, I treat them well. Take for example, once we had a friend who came to the U.S. from China and temporarily stayed at my house. I was able to show care and concern for this friend, just like how I treat my family. When he saw the way Falun Gong practitioners treat others, he was very touched and said, 'I do not believe in the propaganda lies that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) kept spreading.'”

Ms. Chen said, “I am so lucky to be able to cultivate in Falun Gong. I experience no troubles and no illnesses. I am really grateful to Master for everything that he has given to me.”

Ms. Wu's Turn in Life

Another Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wu said, “After cultivating in Falun Gong, my mood is usually happy, my soul is calm, peaceful and my body is healthy. Cultivating in Falun Gong is the best decision that I have made in my life.”

Ms. Wu used to be a university lecturer in China. She said, “Thinking back over my bumpy life, my soul has been scarred by my experiences. When I was still in my mother's womb, my father was arrested during one of the Party's political movements.”

She continued, “Although my parents are diligent at work, they had no choice but to suffer during the political movements, leading very tiring lives. After I grew up, I did not understand this world. I did not understand where people came from, and where they return to. I was very cautious, and I do not believe in anything easily.”

“Furthermore, I suffered from hereditary illnesses. I had many illnesses that are the same as my mother's, such as left ventricular hypertrophy, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, cerebral arteriosclerosis and neurodermatitis.”

Luckily, Ms. Wu's life took a turn in 2006. She said, “After having the affinity to cultivate in Falun Gong, my hereditary illnesses disappeared, my heart no longer showed signs of abnormality, and more importantly I truly understood the true purpose of life, which is to return to one's true self. I also no longer feel depressed. When I face problems, I am able to calm down, and know how to handle them.”

“Sometimes, when I meet friends,” she said, “whom I have not met for a long time, they will say, 'I feel that you are much younger and happier now.'

I will tell everyone, 'That is because I cultivate in Falun Gong. Cultivating in Falun Gong enriched my soul. I am really thankful to Master.'”