(Minghui.org) Cultivating ourselves and awakening the conscience of sentient beings is a Dafa practitioner's mission, something that always took priority in my mind. During the pandemic, I continued to clarify the truth.

Don’t Be Moved

In January 2020, all the neighborhoods and intersections were closed in my city because of the outbreak of the CCP virus in Wuhan. The entrance of my neighborhood was guarded by security guards. Everyone getting in or out had to sign documents. I always thought that I am a Dafa practitioner and my mission is to awaken the conscience of sentient beings. Nothing could stop me. I sent forth righteous thoughts before I clarified the truth about Dafa. I had a full bag of truth-clarification informational materials in my bicycle basket. No one stopped me at the gate.

I went to a village close to my city. I left the bicycle at the village entrance before I went to distribute Dafa materials door to door. If there were people at home, I talked face to face to them. Otherwise, I taped the brochures to the door frames.

“What are you doing,” someone was shouting behind me. I turned around. A young man in his 30s was staring at me. He looked a little unfriendly. I smiled and said, “Young man, I’m in my 70s. What bad things can I do? I came here to bring blessings to the residents. I want everyone to know how to keep safe amidst the plague. The plague is very serious. It has a target—the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Party promotes atheism, doesn’t believe that good will be rewarded or evil will be punished. It is so corrupt. They took billions of dollars from the people, and yet the people struggle to survive. There is no justice for the people. The CCP virus is targeting the Party. We have to save our own lives. We must quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. The precious words ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ can save lives.”

The young man understood what I said. He said, “Auntie, you’re right. I agree with you.” At that moment, his family came out of the house. He said to them, “This auntie is from out of the town. She is a Falun Dafa practitioner. And she came here to bring us blessings...” He repeated what I said earlier to them. And I further clarified the truth to this family.

The entire family decided to quit the CCP organizations, except the young man’s father. He said, “The CCP pays me money.” I said, “It’s not the CCP who pays you. You’ve been working hard your whole life. You deserve your retirement benefit. Why doesn’t the CCP pay those homeless people wages? The senior officials have stolen tens of billions of people’s hard-earned money. They have several mistresses and numerous houses. Quitting the CCP can save lives. When you joined the CCP, you raised your right hand and made a vow that you would devote your life to the CCP. That was a vicious vow. You shouldn’t acknowledge it. You have to withdraw the vow and quit the CCP. When the CCP is destroyed by heaven, you will have no worries about yourself."

He finally understood, and said, “I have joined the Young Pioneers. I want to quit it.”

“What are you afraid of?”

The next morning, I went to the peak of a mountain in the north. There were lots of vegetable greenhouses. On the other side of the greenhouses, there were residential homes and it looked like the farmers lived there. I went door-to-door.

The door was partially closed at one house. As I was taping the pamphlet to the door, a man opened the door. He asked, “What are you doing? What are you posting?” I said, “I thought no one was at home. I just want to deliver an important message.” I told him that the plague and disasters are targeting the CCP. I also told him that saying “Falun Dafa is good,” and “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good” can save lives.

“I don’t believe you – you should leave.”

“I’m in my 70s,” I responded. “I walked on the rocky trail all the way to this mountain. Why do you think I’m making myself suffer? I came to save lives because there are disasters that await ahead. I inform you on how you can survive disasters.”

He seemed to have understood it a little, and said, “Are you really in your 70s?” “Of course,” I said. He smiled, “I thought you were exaggerating your age. Well, I believe you.” He then told me he had joined the Young Pioneers. His granddaughter was by his side. He said, “My granddaughter also joined the Young Pioneers. Both of us will quit it.”

The next house was guarded by a dog. It was barking very hard. I’ve been afraid of dogs since I was little. I hesitated to move on. The man said to me, “You are under the protection of heaven. What are you afraid of?” I enlightened that Master was giving me a hint through his words. I just went ahead and moved on. Since the dog was standing by the door, I skipped this house.

After I finished this row of houses, I turned around and moved to the next row. On the way back, I met a lady. She said to me, “I’m the neighbor of the man you spoke with earlier. I overheard your conversation. I joined the Young Pioneers in the past. I want to quit it, too. Because of my dog, you didn’t leave a pamphlet on my door. I wanted to read it, so I took one from another neighbor’s door. Would you please leave another one for that neighbor?”

Clarifying the Truth in My Hometown

Most of my relatives are farmers. My parents live in a farmers’ neighborhood in my hometown.

One day I met a lady who was looking after her grandson. I handed her a truth-clarification booklet and said, “Excuse me, I have a booklet for you. Read it and you would understand lots of things happening now.” She said, “I’m not interested. I don’t believe this. I’m a Buddhist.” I said, “This is my hometown. I used to live here. The pandemic is very serious. I need to let you know the truth so that you could stay safe. Even as a Buddhist, you would still need to stay safe amidst disasters. The CCP promotes atheism. It fights against heaven and earth. It doesn’t believe that good will be rewarded or evil will be punished. It has been corrupt since its inception. More than 80 million Chinese were killed during the past political movements and the great famine. We must not let them die for nothing. Heaven will destroy the CCP for the sins it committed. If you have joined any of the CCP organizations, you must quit it.”

She didn’t say anything. I thought she could be still considering it. I went to the next block. Three or four ladies were sitting and chatting over there. I went up to greet them, “Hello, how are you doing?” They all replied, “Very well.” The lady I met earlier also came and joined our conversation. I said, “We used to work together in the same group. This is my hometown. It has been such a long time that we don’t recognize each other.” One lady mentioned a name and asked if I knew this person. I said, “That is me!” It really opened up the conversation and brought everyone closer.

I said, “I came here to tell you about an important issue. With the outbreak of the CCP virus, everyone is scared. The CCP promotes atheism and slanders Buddhas and Gods. Over 80 million Chinese have died because of the CCP. Jiang Zemin has corrupted the entire nation. People’s hard-earned money has been stolen by corrupt officials. People have suffered so much. Now the CCP has brought this plague upon the people. To save your own life, you must quit the CCP organizations. The virus has eyes and it is targeting the Party.” I gave them various truth-clarification booklets and amulets. They were all happy to take them and agreed to make the withdrawals.

Once I was at a coal shop. Five or six workers were sitting together. I went to chat with them, “Are you in the middle of a break? Does the coal sell well?” One worker said, “It's tough. More and more people are moving into modern buildings. The coal business is getting worse.” I clarified the truth to them and gave them some booklets and amulets. One of them was kidding, “Would you pay me if I make the withdrawals?” I said, “This will save your life. Could money save your life?” All of them agreed to quit eventually.


Earlier this year, I realized there were benign tumors at both of my left and right collarbones. They were the size of ping-pong balls. When I went out to distribute truth-clarification materials, I usually carried a tote bag on the shoulders. The straps strangled the tumors and it was very painful. I thought I shouldn’t pay much attention to it. I must go out to save sentient beings. If it made me feel pain, I could make it also feel pain. I went out every day to clarify the truth. Gradually I didn’t even think of the tumors anymore.

One day when I was taking a shower, I found that the tumors had disappeared. I thought that Master removed them for me.

At midnight of the 2019 Chinese New Year Eve, I was about to do the sitting mediation. Suddenly I felt some warm liquid in the nasal cavity. It was flowing down to the throat. It was like pouring. I had to keep swallowing it. After about half an hour, it slowed down a little. I wiped my mouth with my hand. It was sticky blood all over my hand and clothes. Half an hour later, the bleeding finally stopped.

At that moment, I felt my mind became especially clear. I washed my hands and changed clothes. I burned nine incense sticks, and said, “Thank you Master for saving me from another disaster. Otherwise, very bad things could happen to me.”

When I was about to go to sleep, I suddenly remembered that there were still a few dozen of truth-clarification booklets left. I should distribute them. I put on my jacket and hurried out to distribute them.

On the way home, I looked at the Chinese New Year Eve lights in people’s homes, and I was very touched. I couldn’t help but recite part of Master’s poem:

“Some ask me why I do spiritual practiceThe answer is that it allows me to find my true selfTo know why we are on this earthAnd where we are going from here”
(“Lost in This World,” Hong Yin V)