China Fahui | An 82-Year-Old Practitioner Helps Master with Fa-rectification (Part 1)

For over 20 years this practitioner has been stepping up to do whatever is needed. This included learning computer skills at the age of 76 to set up a material production site and then teaching those skills to other practitioners.

Using the U.S. Presidential Election to Awaken Sentient Beings

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election revealed a battle between good and evil. How should we Dafa disciples look at this historic event? What should we choose to do?

Disintegrate the Communist Demon Meddling with the US Presidential Election

A practitioner in China offers his perspective of the larger implications of the US presidential election and what role practitioners can play.

My Understanding of Master’s New Poem and the U.S. Election: Send Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate the Evil

Master published his new poem “On the General Election” on November 8, 2020. It's been many years since he published his writings for the world's people, and this shows how significant the 2020 U.S Presidential election is.

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