(Minghui.org) Some practitioners outside China make programs on current affairs, and this can help save people.

Practitioners’ social media on current affairs are set up to clarify the truth for everyday people in order to save them, not to entertain practitioners. Some practitioners indulge themselves and watch these programs, wasting lots of time. They cover up their attachments using the pretext, “These programs were made by practitioners.”

Other practitioners even watch everyday people’s commentary on politics and are very interested in them. They watch programs that are vulgar and indecent, and spread rumors to attract viewers. After being reminded by fellow practitioners, they continue watching under the excuse that those media hosts are against the Chinese Communist Party.

Even a small attachment can ruin a practitioner’s righteous thoughts. Watching everyday people’s programs wastes time and may arouse our attachments to fame, fortune, lust, and resentment. I would like to remind practitioners of the following.

First, do not indulge in those programs.

Second, remember that our mission is to save sentient beings, which is why some practitioners are involved in personal media, media projects, or social media projects. While doing this we should not participate in everyday people’s issues.

Third, do not waste time watching everyday people’s programs. The time that Master extended for us is not so we can indulge in everyday people’s gossip and rumors.

Fellow practitioners, please treasure these final moments, get rid of attachments and a human mentality, and cultivate well so we can save more people.