(Minghui.org) Like many other practitioners, I have recently been harassed by the local police during the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “Zero-Out campaign,” a concerted effort to force all Falun Dafa practitioners on the government’s blacklist to renounce their faith. I feel very sorry for those who came to harass me. They are carrying out the CCP’s orders mechanically, like parts of an obsolete machine.

They made harassing phone calls to me last year. But this time they appeared to be more hypocritical and just going through the motions.

When they came to my home this time, I had a feeling that they knew they would not accomplish what they set out to do, and that we would hold our ground. Still, they had to follow orders due to the pressure from above, so they tended to be somewhat restrained and tried to narrow the gap between us. Very often, we did most of the talking, clarifying the truth to them, while they just listened. As they left, they complained, saying that they did not want to do this, but they still had to keep knocking on doors.

I’ve had some profound thoughts during this round of harassment and would like to share them.

Eliminate Fear and Handle Things with Compassion

We should let go of any attachment of fear in dealing with those involved in this harassment campaign. These days, the perpetrators are already subdued and more hesitant to arrest practitioners than before.

This gives practitioners who didn’t do well before a chance to do better. We should therefore completely let go of any fear and face those who come to harass us with great compassion. We know from the Fa that the power of compassion is enormous and can disintegrate all evils. We are not here to confront them but to cherish every precious life we come across, because they, too, had great courage to come down to the human world in the first place.

For a variety of reasons, they did not become Dafa practitioners in this lifetime. Because of the old forces’ interference and arrangements, they are harassing us today. We should treat them like family because they were once Master’s close relatives in their previous lives. Only when we have a clear understanding of this and remain calm can we clarify the truth more effectively with the power of the Fa and eliminate the evil.

Use Our Own Strong Points to Clarify the Truth

When they came to harass me this time, I told them some of my personal experiences, and could sense that they were changing. However, they still thought that only retired people who do not have much to do tend to practice Falun Dafa, and that people with more education, in a better social class, and who are relatively young would not be interested in it.

Although we have been clarifying the truth to them in different ways over the years, they tend to stick to their original notions. So we need to make good use of every possible opportunity to help them change those notions, which were instilled into their minds by the CCP. We can refer to our own profession, age, social status, and cultivation experiences to help them see the beauty and power of Dafa.

Be Responsible to Others as One Body

I noticed when they came to talk to me this time that they had a notebook with other practitioners’ names and addresses. They checked off the person’s name after they talked to them. They mentioned to me that some practitioners said they would stop practicing Falun Dafa, so their names would be removed from the list, and they would not be bothered again.

We are all particles of Dafa. At the most fundamental level, if every one of us conducts ourselves with compassion and dignity, and no one gives in and “transforms,” then the evildoers will lose interest and give up on the “Zero-Out campaign.”

In a broader sense, if every one of us does what true Dafa practitioners should do and keep up with the Fa-rectification, then the persecution will end soon.

Always Remember to Cultivate Ourselves and Look Within

Most of the practitioners in our area are able to be resolute in the face of the harassment during this ongoing persecution. However, we tend not to dig too deeply into the root cause of why we keep being harassed.

We understand from the Fa principles that nothing happens by accident. When such large-scale interference occurs, it must be that we still have many human attachments to be let go, meaning that each of us needs to look within to see if we have become lax in doing the three things, to see if we still hold onto fame and gain and human sentiments, to see if we still have strong attachments to certain things that we find hard to let go of, and to see if we still look at things from an everyday person’s point of view.

All of these issues could have contributed to this round of harassment. We are all particles of Dafa, and if every one of us is doing well what we should do, then the evil will have no loopholes to take advantage of.

Take Note of Those Engaged in the Harassment and Clarify the Truth Accordingly

We should take note of those who come to talk to us, including their phone numbers, police numbers, names, and addresses—even if we only find out roughly where they live. We can use such information for further truth-clarification or send it to Minghui correspondents. In most cases, the local police are in charge of this round of harassment. In a way, it is a good opportunity to collect their personal information. Our ultimate goal in doing this is to better clarify the truth and save more people.

I hope we can all quickly improve ourselves and do even better the three things during the remaining time Master has extended at such great sacrifice.