(Minghui.org) Master Li Hongzhi said,

“All beings in the Three Realms came for the Fa and were created for the Fa. In other words, this includes all forms in the Three Realms, including all the various forms that exist in human society, among which, of course, are today's laws, as well as the other forms belonging to mankind. Since all these were created by the Fa, why can't they be used by Dafa in validating the Fa? They can. But we choose those that are upright and good, and serve a positive role.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IV)

After four of our local practitioners were arrested, we discovered that when we clarified the truth to their family members, the effect was good when we educated them about the pertinent laws.

Garnering a Husband's Support

After Ms. Shang (alias) was arrested, a practitioner couple went to visit her family, but was turned away by her husband. He told them to never come to their home again.

The couple remained unaffected and continued to visit them. During the Chinese New Year, they brought some gifts when they again visited the family.

The family was touched and agreed to hire a lawyer for Shang. Later, when we explained the indictment and the related law clauses to her husband, he was shocked, and said, “I always felt my wife injured my reputation, but now I understand she never broke any law!”

He then showed the letter of complaint written by the lawyer to the rest of the family and many relatives, including his son, daughter, son-in-law, and nephew.

He used to give a cold shoulder to his wife's defense attorney. But after he understood the truth, his attitude changed greatly. He began to contact the lawyer on his own initiative, booked hotels for him, picked him up, and treated him to meals.

The lawyer once saw him reading a book and asked what the book was? He said it was the “Anti-persecution Law Manual.”

Usually only a few members of Ms. Shang’s family attended her court hearings, but during the last hearing, nearly 20 of her relatives attended.

Compassion Melts Hearts

Mr. Gao (alias) was arrested again after having been imprisoned for over ten years. His family broke up during his imprisonment; his wife divorced him and took custody of their son.

The local practitioners went to visit his older brother, but the brother said the family would no longer get involved in any of his issues.

We considered that his brother might not have had an adequate understanding of the law and could not afford the lawyer’s fee. So when we visited him again, we specifically explained to him that hiring a lawyer was legal, and that we would take care of the legal fees.

His brother was moved to tears and agreed to hire a lawyer. From then on, he became very cooperative with our efforts to free Mr. Gao.

From Adversary to Ally

The biggest change took place with Ms. Ling's (alias) younger brother. He used to help the police officers from the Domestic Security Division in their efforts to transform Ling in the brainwashing center. So the officers trusted him.

When Ling was arrested, the police searched her house and confiscated her bank card, with a balance of hundreds of thousands of yuan deposited on behalf of her workplace. Her company then sent someone to repeatedly visit her brother and ask him to help get the card back.

Her brother kept asking the police officers to return the card for ten months, but to no avail. Some fellow practitioners later told him they could sue the police officers. He then consulted a lawyer.

On the second day after he called the lawyer, the police officers called him and told him to come get the bank card. They had been monitoring his phone.

When he first asked us to write a letter of complaint against the indictment, he didn’t allow us to mention anything about Dafa. When he learned truth, however, his attitude changed. He thought more people should know the truth about the persecution, and asked us to include more content about Falun Dafa.

He took a copy of the complaint to the police department, Procuratorate, and court many times. He then told them why it was illegal to persecute Dafa.

In the past, he didn’t have enough law knowledge and was often scolded by those officials. But later, he began to read the “Anti-persecution Law Manual.”

Gradually, the police officers became no match for him. When he met legal staffers with arrogant attitudes, he appealed to higher levels. Those people then changed their attitudes greatly.

Learning from Mistakes

After Ms. Wang (alias) was arrested, her son didn’t understand her, and even said he wanted his mother to be jailed longer so she would give up her belief.

Because we didn’t have the chance to meet her son, we asked his relatives to pass the indictment and collection of related law clauses to him. When we met with him, he told us he was shocked after he read through the indictment. He then showed the indictment to a relative who worked for the court.

The relative told him his mother was “truly not practicing in a cult.” His attitude changed significantly after this, and he began to contact lawyers for his mother.

Regretfully, when the lawyer he hired arrived for the hearing, the court proceedings had concluded, and his mother was given the heaviest sentence among the four practitioners who were being tried at that time.

We realized that if we had placed more importance in clarifying the truth to her family, especially in explaining the importance of utilizing the law to defend practitioners, things could have turned out much better.

During the rescue process, we encountered many obstacles. In retrospect, we realized we were also given the chance to help more everyday people learn the truth.

It was really like what Master said,

“Your journey is one where if you can take correct, right steps, the doors before you that were once shut will open and the road will become wide. The journey is the same, whatever project it may be. When things don’t go well it stems from poor cooperation or not giving it enough priority.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting”, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

In the past, we often acquiesced to the evil because we didn’t use the law to protect ourselves. Many police officers thought we were easily intimidated because we never fought back. So they behaved unscrupulously and didn’t worry that we would take action.

We hope that our fellow practitioners will attach more importance to utilizing the upright side of the law to defend themselves, clarify the truth to the law staffers, and help save more people.