(Minghui.org) Is it appropriate for unmarried practitioners of the opposite gender or those who are not family members to constantly participate in a Dafa project together? I believe it is proper for practitioners of the opposite sex to occasionally work together alone, but they should try not to if possible. 

If the project doesn’t require many people, it’s best to cooperate with a different person each time, instead of the same person. This will allow us to avoid developing feelings for the person, which will be used by the old forces to exploit our loopholes. 

Two practitioners from my area were recently arrested, and I believe it was due to this issue. I noticed the problem when I met them for the second time. I briefly mentioned it in an indirect way, but stopped myself from further sharing my understandings from the Fa. I intended to talk about it with them when we met again, but they were arrested.

I blamed myself for not having been direct with them when I was with them. Why didn’t I share with them the problem I saw? I realized that the attachment to saving face and fear of offending others or giving them a bad impression stopped me from pointing out the issue. I wasn’t being responsible to the Fa or to the practitioners. 

Cultivation is serious, and our words and deeds represent the image of Dafa. We must act as Master Li requires of us, 

“He has bountiful virtue and also maintains a benevolent heart; he is full of great aspirations while minding minor details.” (“Sage”, Essentials For Further Advancement)

We should follow the standards of a practitioner. Although we are cultivating among ordinary people and may still have some attachments, we must hold ourselves to the highest standard, and be worthy of Master’s saving grace. 

I wrote this article to remind practitioners that we should kindly point out any problems that we see in other practitioners. We shouldn’t only think of ourselves or be too worried. As long as our starting point is for the good of others, and we are being responsible to the Fa and to fellow practitioners, we must point it out whether they may be unhappy about it or do not accept it. 

At this time, true cultivators should definitely look within. It is time for us to form a one body, and not let the evil take advantage of our shortcomings. If each of us can consider every issue from the Fa’s perspective, the evil can no longer interfere.