(Minghui.org) I’m in my 80s and I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner. On my cultivation path I have faced difficult times and experienced the power of Dafa.

Wrong Pages Were Corrected

I took some special edition copies of the Minghui Weekly from a material production site at another practitioner’s home in May 2019. As I was folding the pages, I saw that five of them had the same information printed on both sides. I put them to one side and was going to wait to glue other pages over them so I wouldn't have to throw them away.

I had some issues with my printer several days later, and the pages that came out were blank. After I got it fixed, I forgot about those five pages.

It wasn't until late June that I remembered them. When I took them out, I was shocked to see that they were fine—there was different information printed on each side! Master corrected them!

This amazing experience was definitely not an illusion, because I have a habit of folding the pages immediately after I get home, and these five pages were never folded. I realized that when we have the heart to awaken people’s conscience, Master can help us with anything.

Computer Miraculously Connected to WiFi

A practitioner helped me reinstall a computer system on March 18, 2020, but I couldn't remember my WiFi password when it was done, so I couldn't get online. I tried a few times with no success. I lit three incense sticks and asked Master to help me.

I went back to the computer to try it after the incense sticks had burned about halfway through. To my surprise, the internet was already connected! I was so happy and thankful to Master.

When the coronavirus pandemic was very severe, it was difficult for practitioners to see each other because there were always guards at the entrance gates of the residential communities. This actually helped me eliminate my attachment to relying on others, as I had to do everything on my own.

Awakening People’s Consciences During the Pandemic

Starting in late January, there were very few people on the streets due to the CCP virus. One day, I went out to clarify the facts and handed a man a booklet about Falun Dafa, but he didn’t want to take it. I said, “Do you know about the virus? It's extremely dangerous. I’m giving you a way to stay safe. Why wouldn’t you want to take a look?”

He had already walked about 20 yards before turning around and asking me for the booklet. I handed it to him and gave him an amulet. I told him to pass the booklet on to his friends and family after reading it. I told him to remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and wished him good luck.

I later asked an elderly lady, “Would you like a booklet that tells the truth about Falun Dafa?” She accepted it, and I also gave her a calendar. She thanked me repeatedly.

Master said,

“I have been asked, “After the Fa-rectification ends one day, next will be the Fa’s rectification of the human world. What will the future hold?” To which I’ve replied, “People will feel close to whomever they come across.” “Oh,” then they think, “this means people’s moral values will have improved, that’s great.” Indeed, that’s the only way they can interpret it. No matter how much people’s values improved, why would people necessarily feel so close to whomever they came across? It may be because normally they won’t see another human being for dozens of miles around. So they will feel close to whomever they see.” (“What is a Dafa Disciple,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI )

This is now happening right before my eyes. I had walked for quite a while and only saw two people. But how many sentient beings still have not understood the facts about Falun Dafa? I felt quite sad.

Since there were fewer people on the street, I went to the hospitals. There were long queues at the entrance with staff taking people’s temperature and security guards all over the place.

There were a lot of motorcycles parked outside, each with a pair of gloves attached. It didn't seem appropriate to go inside the hospital, so I put a booklet inside each right-hand glove. It was hard to spot the booklets but easy for the owners to find.

Markets were also great places to distribute materials, and most people were happy to accept them. I was putting a booklet into a bag hanging on a bicycle when the owner returned. I pulled it back out and showed it to him. He nodded and signaled for me to put it back in.

Visiting My Hometown to Clarify the Truth

I have been practicing Falun Dafa for over 20 years and my heart was always with the people in my hometown. I always hoped they would have a chance to hear the truth about Dafa. In 2017, another practitioner and I went there to clarify the truth.

We brought a lot of truth-clarification materials with us, including the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, fliers, DVDs, CDs to break through the Internet blockade, and calendars.

The practitioner who came with me was very good at talking to people, and she helped 50 people quit the CCP during those three days, including a dozen in my family. I have found that the people in the urban areas were more likely to accept the materials, while those in rural areas were more reserved.

My hometown is more than 60 miles from where I live. As far as I know, there are no practitioners there, so each time I go I always bring Dafa informational materials to distribute. I once brought so much that I couldn’t carry it all after I got off the bus, so a family member came to help me. Her children have since all been accepted into colleges and her business has been very successful. She has made a lot of money and bought several real estate properties. This was all a result of the blessings she received for supporting Dafa.

Not Afraid of Taking Risks

Each time I went back to my hometown, I always felt that I was on a mission, and never took a break before I had finished distributing the materials. However, I have experienced a lot of interference.

I went back to my hometown in June 2018. I usually take the bus, but that time I took the train. When I passed through security, they asked me if I had any knives on me.

“Why would an old woman carry a knife?” I asked. But they still searched me.

As soon as I sat down on the train, a young police officer came and asked my age. I wondered why I was being questioned so much. I got to my hometown and my nephew drove me to the urban area where I distributed the materials.

My nephew later called me and said that the police had just called him and told him to go to the police station the next day. He sounded very scared. I told him not to worry and said, “You didn’t do anything wrong. You were just concerned that the weather was too hot so you drove me to the urban area.”

The next day, he went to the police station and was questioned there for four hours. The police also threatened that they would send me far away. Everyone in my family was scared of the police.

A few days later, when my husband and I came back from shopping, a police officer was waiting at the reception office. He stopped me and let my husband go home alone. I was taken to the security room where there were a police chief and two other officers.

The police chief was new to the area, so I told him about Falun Dafa and the persecution. All three of them listened carefully. In the end, they wanted me to show them the Dafa exercises.

Three more police officers came from my hometown, and the six of them took me to my home and ransacked the place. There were some truth-clarification materials on the table and I gave one to the police station director from my hometown and asked him to read it carefully. They also asked about the book Zhuan Falun, which was also on the table.

I told them, “Zhuan Falun is a book of the Buddha Fa and millions of people are studying it. It teaches people moral values and how to cultivate themselves. It tells us that only by becoming a good person will illnesses go away.”

I also told them that the CCP’s ransacking of Falun Dafa practitioners’ homes was very wrong.”

“We aren’t ransacking your home,” one of them was quick to remark. “This is just a formality compared to the past.”

They grabbed the materials, took me to the police station, and asked if I distributed them. I said, “Yes.”

I told them one of the stories from the booklets, about a Chinese soldier from the Sino-Vietnam War. He was injured several times during the war and ended up being severely disabled. He and his family struggled for years after the war to make ends meet. Then he learned Falun Dafa, and it restored his health.

I continued, “People with a conscience would be shocked to read his story, but the 610 Office still persecuted him again and again for his belief in Falun Dafa.

“You know, an East German police officer was sentenced for killing people who were trying to climb over the Berlin Wall. As a police officer, he would be punished if he didn’t follow orders, but he wouldn’t be punished if he purposely missed when firing his gun. I hope you can learn from this when it comes to treating Falun Dafa practitioners. When orders and conscience collide, your conscience is the highest standard. You will then have a bright future. Do not follow the CCP. Falun Dafa practitioners are really good people. I hope you will learn more about the truth of the persecution and quit the CCP.”

I was at the police station from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then returned home.

To help more people to learn about the persecution, I also used a lot of paper bills with phrases about Falun Dafa printed on them to clarify the truth. I spent over 1,000 yuan-worth of those bills in the mall a couple of times. The cashier was too scared to take them and asked her manager, who agreed to accept them.

So many practitioners risk being arrested and persecuted and work tirelessly to clarify the truth.

Thank you, Master, for your protection on my path of validating the Fa. I’d like to also thank fellow practitioners and my family and friends for their help and support. I will do my best to be more diligent and save more people.