(Minghui.org) According to the Minghui website, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has recently launched a “Zero-Out Operation” across China that requires Falun Dafa practitioners to make a declaration about whether or not they still practice. 

Upon learning of this latest round of persecution, our local practitioners sent righteous thoughts to disintegrate the interference instead of looking inward at our overall cultivation state. This showed that we were not thinking about improving ourselves or getting rid of our attachments.

Considering that this situation is likely not an isolated case among practitioners in China, I would like to examine the cause of this persecution from the perspective of Fa-rectification cultivation and suggest some responses that practitioners can use for reference.

Identifying the Root Cause of Interference

In my area, there are several states that practitioners manifest in response to this matter that are not in line with the Fa. Some practitioners go out of town to avoid danger; some are afraid to go out to clarify the truth; and some are confused by the current state of affairs. 

The Fa-rectification is coming to the end, so why are some practitioners, who are considered more diligent, feeling disturbed? Some have grievances and complaints about the authorities; some are envious of practitioners who haven't validated the Fa and thus were not exposed to the persecution; and some send righteous thoughts just for the purpose of protecting themselves.

Might those human attachments be the reason the old forces arranged this police action to take place? Since the beginning of the persecution, the old forces have been interfering with Fa-rectification by using their so-called “tests.”

The old forces are doing things according to their own selfish principles. I believe the reason the old forces were able to arrange this interference is directly related to cultivators’ xinxing issues, which have lasted a long time. Cultivators don’t look inward or when they do, they don't find any attachments. The most obvious issues include being unable to pass tests in regard to family affection, having a strong combative mentality, jealousy, and being unable to control one’s xinxing. 

Some practitioners have been indifferent to Fa study for a long time. They don't absorb the Fa when they do study, nor do they cultivate themselves well. Some cannot persevere in practicing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts, and have slacked to the extent that karma and other bad substances have accumulated in their field. 

Some others have unconsciously relaxed in cultivation and nourished human attachments because of the improving environment in recent years. And there are also some who haven’t told people the facts about Falun Gong for a long time, or who haven't done it well and haven't been able to make a breakthrough. It would appear that they are also attached to the Fa-rectification arriving in the human world and that they will then no longer suffer.

Gaining a Higher Perspective

Dafa disciples are linked to an immeasurable number of sentient beings in the celestial body. Whether certain attachments can be removed or not will determine the future existence of those sentient beings. Those arranged to be saved by Dafa disciples are likewise linked to countless beings. 

In cultivation, nothing is trivial. If a cultivator is not serious about cultivating, they risk causing irreparable harm to the universe and all beings in it. 

From a holistic perspective, I believe that the old forces arranged this situation because they believe that a large number of cultivators need to be tested. For example, in our group, many take well-cultivated practitioners to be a good example, and emulate them; and many practitioners came out to do something for Dafa only after the environment improved. 

Do their behaviors originate from righteous thoughts? Or has their belief in Dafa reached the deviated standard desired by the old forces? As a result, the old forces made the situation in the world tense again so they could kick out unqualified practitioners.

The old forces arranged the different levels of persecution and the interference experienced by every practitioner. For example, some practitioners had loopholes in personal cultivation but failed to identify them; some had done bad things and needed to be tested again; and some were believed to be doing well in truth clarification but weren't doing well in personal cultivation. 

All cultivators will have human notions before they reach consummation. Whether they are diligent or not depends on whether they can treat these notions with righteous thoughts. The old forces planned to interfere with practitioners when their karma had accumulated to a certain degree and when the celestial phenomena reached a certain period. 

Since the beginning of the persecution in 1999, the evil hasn't ceased to interfere and persecute practitioners who are not diligent in their cultivation. The old forces are only focused on carrying out their arrangements and don't believe that practitioners are worthy of reaching consummation. 

A Constructive Resolution

If practitioners can treat interference with righteous thoughts and not generate human notions, this kind of interference cannot continue, and the old forces will be forced to stop. Otherwise, they would be directly eliminated by Master Li and the guardian gods.

Since the old forces arranged the persecution for the above-mentioned purpose, everyone is being tested. Then think about it, since the old forces believe that Dafa disciples’ cultivation is extremely serious and is related to the future of the universe, if those being tested do not get rid of their human notions or improve themselves, will the evil let them go? 

Dafa disciples can send righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil beings; but since neither the individual cultivator nor the whole group has corrected their shortcomings, and their cultivation has not improved, the old forces put up strong resistance and have even intensified the persecution. 

But if a cultivator can look inward, correct deficiencies in his cultivation, abandon human thinking and concepts in accordance with the principles of Dafa, and treat the persecution with righteous thoughts, then he will have passed through the persecution arranged by the old forces. At the same time, Master will correspondingly give cultivators the ability to disintegrate the old force factors within their celestial bodies.

If practitioners can work together to form an atmosphere of looking inward, improve their xinxing, and form an indestructible whole body, then our behavior would meet the requirements of Fa-rectification. 

In short, Dafa disciples are cultivators, and it is our duty to look inward and correct ourselves at all times. We must not forget this; it is essential to cultivation. 

This article was meant to remind practitioners that in the midst of tribulations, we must first look inward and cultivate ourselves, and walk the path of validating the Fa in a selfless, pure state.