(Minghui.org) I went to a practitioner’s home in 2004 because she could check out the Minghui website every day, using an overseas Yahoo mailbox to subscribe. I truly envied what she could do and wanted to follow suit. One day, I used my break time to shop at several stores and bought a computer.

I didn't know anything about computers, which were not yet common for home use. Not wanting to bother anyone to help me, I bought a few computer magazines, and did some research. Initially, I didn’t quite follow what I was reading. Master Li (Falun Dafa's founder) probably saw my wish and gave me a hand, and I somehow learned how to use the computer.

I ran into difficulties when setting up a Yahoo mailbox because everything was in English, and I had to look up many words in a dictionary. After setting up my mailbox I subscribed to the Minghui website and articles started coming in the next day, which thrilled me. It was so great to read articles on the Minghui website, receive Master’s new scriptures as they were published, and follow the Fa-rectification process.

However, Yahoo began to give in to the demands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and eventually canceled my subscription. I tried many times to clarify the facts to the email administrator. I had to use other applications to break through the Internet blockade and read what was on Minghui.

One day, I went to a practitioner’s home who was giving practitioners an article she claimed was written by Master. It turned out that she was a spy working for the Domestic Security department. As soon as I realized the article was fake I said to her: “Please stop distributing fake articles. Master said he would only publish new articles using the Minghui website. Whatever doesn’t come from Minghui is fake.” Upon hearing me, the other practitioners returned their copies of the article to her, and she left in a hurry.

Later, I bought a printer and began printing articles and brochures from Minghui and distributing them. I learned how to make DVDs and print out DVD covers, mainly for the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Partyand a couple of others. People readily accepted them. One practitioner put copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party DVDs on a stand with other DVDs in a large state-level library. People checked it out often. Some of them even tried to buy it, thinking it was for sale. I printed stickers, which read “free,” and put them on the DVD covers to prevent confusion.

Learning Apps on Mobile Phone

Then some technically savvy practitioners developed an app for using one’s cellular phone to dial automatically, and then play a recording when the call was answered. I thought it was a great idea so I bought a cell phone and attended a class to learn how to use the app. It turned out to be rather complicated, as it involved modifying the phone.

At first, I couldn’t make it work. Watching me, the practitioner leading the course was a bit impatient. He said: “It’s been quite a while, but you still haven't worked it out. Don’t you know saving people is urgent?”

I felt he was being unfair, but still apologized, “I am sorry for being so dumb.” Then he changed his attitude and walked me through the setup step by step and finally we got it done. I knew Master had sent him over to me to guide me. Thank you Master.

On the Minghui website, one can find multiple apps for awakening the conscience of people developed by practitioners. Every one of them was truly wonderful. As long as you wish to learn, Master will help you. There is really nothing one can’t learn, regardless of one’s age.

Of course success also depends on one’s xinxing improvement. Master has helped me greatly. He knew that I was not quite savvy, and my enlightenment quality was poor. But since I read the Minghui website every day, Master gave me hints through the sharing articles.

Relying on Minghui Website for Information

For instance, when I didn’t know how to negate the old forces, articles about this were constantly published. I used to have a strong attachment to ego and was very arrogant, which created a big hurdle for me to get over. Through reading fellow practitioners’ articles, I came to realize that I should negate those attachments from the root, which helped me eliminate most of them.

I didn't think I had an attachment to lust as I was never interested in men. Before I started practicing, when another person told me that so-and-so had a crush on me, I always thought: He is so nasty, and I’d completely ignored that person from then on. After I began cultivating, if someone told me they liked me, I’d think: “This person has the attachment to lust, and should eliminate it.” But I never related the attachment to myself.

After being released from prison, I never looked at whether my tribulations were caused by my attachments; so the old forces took advantage of my gap. When Master saw that I wasn't enlightening, he led me to see a sharing article, which said that being attached to buying clothes, loving to dress up, and paying attention to how one looks were also manifestations of lust. I was shocked. That’s when I began to realize that my attachment to lust was so strong.

I liked to dress up, look at myself in the mirror, and pay attention to my body shape since I was young. Whenever I gained a bit of weight, I’d start my weight control process right way. I thought that if I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t look good in a dress. This hardly changed after I began cultivating. As a result, I ended up spending a lot of money on clothes.

Master gave me hints several times, yet I didn’t enlighten. Therefore, I ended up being thrown in prison, which was arranged by the old forces. I had to wear prisoner clothing every day. Could I still pay attention to my looks? This attachment was very hard to eliminate because I couldn’t see it. Luckily I happened to read an article by a practitioner whose celestial eye was open. The article described what a lust demon looked like, how it did bad things, and what kind of bad things it did. When I started targeting the lust demons when sending righteous thoughts, I managed to eliminate most of them.

I found that materials posted on the Minghui website were well put together. For example, when Covid-19 was first recognized, all kinds of information were quickly published on Minghui, which helped the practitioners in China know what was going on. Some commentary articles were very well done, and I often included some of them when handing out materials about Falun Gong.

Recently, QR code cards (popular in China) were developed for breaking through the Internet blockage, which was very powerful. Many Chinese people felt sick about having been brainwashed by the CCP for so long. However, because outside information was blocked, they were deeply poisoned. It was very hard for them to believe what other people said, and they could easily become very defensive. With QR they could find and read information for themselves, and learn the truth. It’s because seeing it for oneself and believing it, is more effective than getting the information from another person. I’ve been distributing the QR cards since the beginning.

Master has been protecting me during my entire cultivation process. Also, I couldn’t be where I am today without help from the Minghui website.